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3DMark 2.2.4827 Android Edition

3DMark Android Edition is the versatile gamer's benchmark to run excellent tests. It is the most well-known exhibition benchmark on the planet, which lets to test the presence of your cell phone or tablet, and then, at that point, perceive how it contrasts and other Android and iOS gadgets.

3DMark benchmarks the GPU and CPU execution of your gadget. Toward the finish of the test, you get a score, which you can use to look at models. However, 3DMark additionally gives you a great deal more.

This most remarkable and adaptable 3DMark incorporates all that you really want to benchmark your equipment with three every single new test.

More than a score

3DMark Android Edition is planned around information-driven stories that assist you with studying your cell phone and tablet. With its interesting diagrams, records, and rankings, 3DMark gives you unparalleled experiences in the exhibition of your gadget.

Perceive how your best scores contrast and others from a similar model. Figure out how the exhibition of your gadget has changed with every Android OS update. Contrast your gadget and famous models and check whether it's the ideal opportunity for an overhaul. Find the gadgets that convey the best exhibition without overheating or dialling back.

The best benchmark for your device

Consistently, we add new benchmark tests to 3DMark Android Edition. At the point when you open the application, 3DMark will suggest the best benchmark for your gadget. To save extra room and limit download times, you can pick which tests you need to introduce.

Pick Sling Shot Extreme to think about lead Android gadgets from HTC, LG, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and different makers with the most recent iPhone and iPad models. Presently incorporates Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.1 tests.

Sling Shot is a benchmark for contrasting standard Android gadgets and famous iPhone and iPad models.

Use Ice Storm Extreme to think about minimal-expense Android cell phones and tablets with more established iPhone and iPad models. Or then again contrast essential Android and iOS gadgets and Ice Storm.

The API Overhead component test is an extraordinary test for contrasting the exhibition of Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.0 illustrations APIs on your gadget.

Choose your next phone the easy way

With execution information for right around 5,000 gadgets, it is not difficult to track down and contrast the best cell phones and tablets and 3DMark. You can look, channel and sort to analyze the most recent Android and iOS gadgets.

A huge number of individuals, many survey locales, and a considerable lot of the world's driving innovation organizations utilize 3DMark to test and think about the presentation of cell phones and tablets.

3DMark is a free application. There are no advertisements or in-application buys. Download it today and join a huge number of individuals who pick 3DMark for exact and unbiased benchmark results.


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