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Dr. Hardware 2022 Build 22.3.0

Beginning around 1994 Dr Hardware is among the most exceptional framework data programs available. This program is made for fledglings and expert clients, for your work area and notepad.

Dr Hardware covers the entire machine and incorporates not just the normal stuff (like processor recognition and so forth) yet additionally a few more modern tests like Hardware sensors, ATA/S-ATA/Atapi, and network investigation.

This clever little program allows you to get into the engine of your working framework. It contains a bundle of apparatuses to examine every one of your Windows parts.

Like other framework instruments, it makes investigations into your Registry settings; past that, it settles on decisions for your processor, reserve, memory modules, chipsets, and screen. It additionally settles on free decisions to your BIOS and I/O ports, assisting you with identifying clashes that are autonomous of your OS. At last, the program lets you know the benchmark of your PC.

Its profundity of investigation isolates Dr Hardware from its rivals. It gives data about SDRAM modules; sensor chips and fundamental board chipset; and any kind of gadget your PC could have, whether it's SCSI, EIDE, or PCI. It additionally gives benchmarks to the CPU, the video connector, and CD-ROM and DVD drives. This most recent delivery distinguishes the most recent processors, PCI gadgets, and primary board chipsets.

Dr Hardware 2022 Features:

  • A point-by-point examination of centre Hardware and associated gadgets of PCs
  • Distinguishes processor, BIOS, reserve, transport framework
  • Nitty-gritty data for some current mainboard chipsets
  • Analyzes hard disk, CD ROM, modem, VGA connector
  • Records your (E-)IDE, ATAPI, and SCSI gadgets
  • Depiction of introduced interactive media gadgets
  • PCI list
  • Scanner investigation using Twain interface
  • SMBios examination
  • SDRAM recognition and data (Serial Presence Detect Method)
  • Investigation of standard sensors
  • Network investigation
  • Benchmarks for CPU, video connector, hard drives, CD ROM/DVD, ASPI/SCSI gadgets, net drives
  • Rundown of utilized IRQ and DMA channels as well as I/O ports and memory regions
  • Windows memory investigation, interaction and module list, framework screen
  • Windows adaptation data
  • Web Explorer/Firefox itemized data
  • Screen test screen
  • Console input test
  • Consume In and Rating-test (enlisted form as it were)

New features of Dr. Dr. Hardware 2022 22.3.0:
  • detaillierter Support für neue Intel Core i3, i5, i7, i9, Pentium und Celeron Alder Lake Prozessoren
  • detaillierte Chipsatz- und CPU-Informationen zu Alder Lake Prozessoren
  • verbesserter Support für Intel Rocket Lake und Alder Lake Prozessor-Stepping
  • erkennt neue Intel Alder Lake Grafikprozessoren
  • erkennt Revision aller Intel Series 500 und 600 Chipsätze
  • Support für AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000 Prozessoren (Chagall)
  • Support für weitere AMD Prozessorfeatures
  • Support für AMD Cache-Topologie (Auflistung der Prozessorcaches mit Detailinfos)
  • Support für SMBios 3.6
  • erweiterter und korrigierter Support für Intel Series 5 Desktop/Mobil und 3400 (Ibex Peak) Server-Chipsätze
  • erweiterter Support für Intel Dual Core Pentium T2xxx/T3xxx Prozessoren (Merom)
  • Details zu interner Grafik auf Intel Cherry Trail Atom Prozessoren
  • neue Vergleichswerte im Systembenchmark


  • Intel Alder Lake Prozessor-Support (diverses)
  • kleinere Fehler in Prozessordatenbanken
  • Chipsatzanalyse: fehlerhafte Datenzuordnung in seltenen Fällen
  • Gültigkeitsprüfung von Vorversionsregistrierschlüsseln
  • Ratingtest – Tabelle: Fehler in der Spaltenzuordnung

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