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FinePrint 11.32 – Save time, money, paper and ink

FinePrint is a Windows printer driver that gives progressed printing capacity. You can make booklets, save and order print occupations from numerous sources thus considerably more!

Print twofold-sided on any printer, print on your own electronic letterhead and make new archives by joining your print occupations together. Lessen paper, ink, and printer costs by no less than 30% with this grant-winning printer utility.

FinePrint gets a good deal on paper and toner, weight in your portfolio, and time and bothers in dealing with your print jobs. The program likewise includes a widespread print previewer, erasing undesirable pages, changing over to grayscale, eliminating clear pages, eliminating undesirable text and pictures, printing different pages on a solitary sheet, and documenting print occupations.

There are numerous ways of diminishing paper utilization in an association. Two of the most widely recognized are duplex printing and multi-up printing. These techniques can be successful however are not ideal.

Duplex printing

Imprinting on the two sides of the paper (called duplexing) utilizing exceptional duplexing equipment can lessen how much paper is utilized and it is completely upheld by FinePrint. Be that as it may, duplexing has a few downsides:

  • It requires exceptional equipment that isn't accessible for all printers.
  • The client should explicitly request duplexing administration using the printer driver which is a frequently bulky assignment.
  • Duplexing takes additional time than printing two single pieces of paper due to the more extended paper way and muddled mechanics of duplex gadgets.
  • Printers jams are more normal in duplex printers which might require the utilization of heavier paper stock.

Multi-up printing

A few printers have printer drivers that can print numerous pages on a sheet. Multi-up printing as it is called is an amazing method for saving paper as it lessens paper and toner use, speeds up the printing system, and causes less mileage on printers. Shockingly, these drivers are underutilized because:

  • Every printer brand and model has an alternate strategy and UI for the multi-up work.
  • Multi-up capacities are concealed inside the printer driver and are awkward to get to
  • No see include is accessible to decide whether the material will be lucid in various multi-up designs.
  • The client should make sure to reset the multi-up setting when single-page printing is wanted. Neglecting to do such regularly prompts reproducing, burning through more paper and time.
  • FinePrint upholds duplex imprinting on all printers however underscores the multi-up printing strategy as the favoured model. This makes FinePrint an optimal answer for the accompanying reasons:

  • Single printer driver gives progressed capacities to all printers wiping out the preparation issue related to numerous UIs introduced by various producer drivers.
  • Print see window shows up for each print work. This makes it simple to decide the best design for the specific substance being printed.
  • The sidestep button goes directly to the printer with solitary snap-in situations where no extra arranging is wanted.
  • Server release facilitates establishment across workstations.

FinePrint other features that increase efficiency beyond multi-up printing:

  • Occupations can be saw and imprinted on electronic variants of organization letterhead and structures. This dispenses with the need to buy pre-printed frames and implements organization graphical norms.
  • Numerous positions can be clumped all together in print work which takes out the issue of having positions scattered with those of others.
  • Undesirable pages from email and pages can be erased before print

What's going on in FinePrint 11.12:

  • PDF documents that utilization JPEG2000 or JBIG2 pressure are presently opened accurately
  • fixed a bug that caused design brushes to be shown or printed mistakenly
  • fixed a bug that made pages be mistakenly estimated or edited while opening PDF documents
  • fixed a GetFontData bug that occasionally happened while opening PDF documents

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Workstation Edition works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11.

Server Edition works on Citrix, Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022.


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