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jv16 PowerTools by Macecraft

jv16 PowerTools is a definitive Windows Optimization, System Cleaning, and Error Fixing Utility Suite. The program permits clients to eliminate stowed-away hints of beforehand uninstalled programming, clean the Windows vault for ideal execution and soundness, and fix numerous library-based issues with a solitary mouse click.

jv16 PowerTools streamlines, fixes, and keeps up with Windows-based PCs making them run quick, safely, and liberated from issues.

This framework enhancer contains 33 unique instruments. Every one of these apparatuses is painstakingly created with the experience of the north than 15 years of Windows utility and vault cleaning experience to frame a strong groundwork to give you a smoother and quicker PC.

The exceptionally superior multilingual UI permits the product to be utilized in all significant dialects, while programmed reinforcement and security highlights make the program extremely protected to utilize.

This Macecraf product contains amazing execution and UI enhancements. That deal is always extending the client base a raised degree of Windows execution, security, and control. The benchmark test covers 133 distinct programming items professed to make Windows PCs work quicker.

The Best Tools for Windows remembered for jv16 PowerTools:

  • Clean and Fix my Computer. Finds and deals with library mistakes, unnecessary vault garbage, superfluous records, left-over transitory documents, unnecessary log documents, and considerably more. Everything is in one go!
  • Completely Uninstall Software and Leftovers. Records and assists you with eliminating any product introduced to the framework, including left-over hints of old programming you can't uninstall by typical means.
  • Control which Programs Start Automatically. See precisely which programs and DLL documents start consequently with Windows and cripple the ones you don't actually require. Makes it exceptionally simple to accelerate the startup season of your PC.
  • Accelerate Computer's Startup. Permits you to effortlessly apply changes to Windows to work on its presentation.
  • Vaccinate My Computer. Effectively block access from your PC to known pernicious sites to work on your security and protection. Permits you to impede adware and spyware via naturally adjusting the Windows has documented.
  • Scrap my Computer. Permits you to effectively mass uninstall programming from your PC. This is particularly convenient for un-bulging new PCs by eliminating the pre-introduced programming swell that accompanies pretty much every new PC.

Other Awesome System Utilities for Windows remembered for jv16 PowerTools:

  • Find and supplant information inside documents
  • Find and supplant information from Windows Registry
  • Combine records
  • Divide documents
  • Eliminate records on reboot
  • Wipe record
  • furthermore, numerous others

Feature Improvements:

  • Improved the accuracy of System Cleaner’s ‘Registry error relating to the feature. Previously it could list data such as ‘Registry error relating to Microsoft’, which doesn’t really provide you with any value.
  • Reduced the system resources usage of the jv16 PowerTools Widget.
  • Improved the accuracy of detecting the names and icons of running apps in the Dashboard and the Widget.
  • Minor improvements to the overall accuracy of System Cleaner and Software Uninstaller.
  • The program now opens up faster. In most systems, the difference is negligible but in systems in which the starting time has been slow, it is now up to 25% faster.
  • Software Uninstaller scan now works faster, on average it now takes 30 seconds, previously with the last version it took 42 seconds.
  • Some of the confirmation message boxes now show the expected answer by highlighting the default option.
  • Comes with many updated translations, including Dutch, Finnish, and Swedish.

Bug Fixes

  • The program could display the ‘The ordinal 4369 could not be located in the dynamic link library error message. This was a rare bug, only affecting specific systems. So far, we received seven reports of this issue. However, in the affected systems, this bug made it impossible to use the app.
  • The program could display an ‘access violation’ error message when performing the System Cleaner scan.
  • System Cleaner could get stuck on displaying the ‘updating the results list …’ at the status bar. This was a cosmetic issue, however. This message being visible did not prevent you from using the app in anyways.
  • If you unselected all but one category from the System Cleaner results, the user interface could enter a loop where the results list got emptied, then updated correctly, emptied again, and so on.
  • System Cleaner scan’s starting screen could remain on screen for too long, incorrectly letting the user think the scan might not be starting correctly. This was entirely a cosmetic issue.
  • Installation of jv16 PowerTools didn’t always create a System Restore Point.
  • Scrolling the navigation panel could fail and possibly show an ‘out-of-range error message.
  • The final screen of Software Uninstaller could have the checkboxes in the wrong locations, especially if the tool is used more than one time per session.
  • Clicking the Close button of System Cleaner could cause the program to display an ‘access violation error message.
  • The program could generate an empty file called ‘jv16 PowerTools Version Checker’ to its installation directory.
  • Starting System Cleaner with any browsers running will cause the program to show a confirmation of whether the browser can be closed to allow browser data cleaning. However, if you chose ‘cancel’ from this confirmation box, it could cause the program to hang for a few seconds, incorrectly display the scan progress screen and only then return to the dashboard.
  • Dashboard’s RAM section displayed the amount of RAM available to Windows. This could be a smaller number than the actual amount of installed RAM, which caused some confusion. This is now fixed and the dashboard will now display the total amount of installed RAM.
  • The text of the circular progress element in the progress screen, such as when scanning the system, could sometimes be drawn to the left side of the screen.
  • Sometimes the program failed to correctly fetch the icon of a running application, causing the CPU or RAM listing areas of the Dashboard to show either a missing or incorrect icon.
  • Scrolling the Dashboard’s list up and down immediately after the program has started, could cause the scrolling not to be smooth and the CPU usage high for a few seconds.

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