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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is just 5% to 10% faster than RTX 3090

 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is 5 to 10% faster than 3090 at 4K

According to various reports, the RTX 3090 Ti is not really a big upgrade over the original model. 

Higher GPU clock speeds, a brand new 21 Gbps GDDR6X memory, and almost 100W more power were not enough to provide double-digit performance uplift for RTX 3090 Ti. The latest reports suggest that the new Ti model is doing just fine at 4K, but not much at other resolutions compared to the original SKU.

According to CapFrameX, the GPU is just 10% faster at 4K, and it easily sustains a 2 GHz boost clock. With a full GA102 GPU spec of 10752 CUDA cores, this means that the RTX 3090 Ti offers 43 TFLOP of single-precision compute power.

Other sources claim that the difference is not as big as this report suggests. Around 5% difference is more likely to be observed, especially when compared custom models from the same company and series. Reviewers that might be using RTX 3090 Founders Edition for their comparisons may see a higher difference than those using the hardware from the same company. This is because most high-end RTX 3090 GPUs already had very high custom TDP out of the 350W range.

Conflicting information on the price: 1,499 to 1,999 USD

It is further said that RTX 3090 Ti might launch with the same MSRP as the original model: 1,499 USD. This likely means that the 3090 is getting a price cut because thus far we have not heard about this part reaching the end of life.

According to MyDrivers, the price of RTX 3090 Ti has been set to 1,999 USD (for the US) and 14,999 RMB (for China). The price of custom RTX 3090 Ti models may go as high as 20,000 RMB. We have not yet been able to confirm either report.

We are receiving conflicting reports on whether there is a Founders Edition of the new Ti model. NVIDIA has clearly shown such a card at CES 2022, yet no reviewer that we talked to has received FE for the test. This might be important for those looking for RTX 3090 Ti, it will undoubtedly be harder to find one outside the official retail partners and NVIDIA’s official store at MSRP.

For a few days now, we have been sharing custom RTX 3090 Ti designs. Those thick 3 to 3.5-slot designs are a good indicator how could 450W+ GPUs look like in the future. After all, the flagship RTX 40 “Ada” graphics card has been rumored to be a 600W GPU. The RTX 3090 Ti is often considered a test vehicle for the next GPU series.

Source: videocardz  @Zed_Wang, @CapFrameX