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Tixati 3.12 – p2p sharing program

Tixati is a peer-to-peer file-sharing program that makes use of the popular BitTorrent protocol, allowing many peers to form a cooperative swarm and download very massive files with nice effectiveness.

The program is free and straightforward to use a client that includes detailed views of all features of the torrent swarm, together with peers, pieces, files, and trackers. Also included are highly effective bandwidth charting and throttling capabilities, and a full DHT implementation. Low memory usage. Support for “magnet links“, so no have to download .torrent files if an easy magnet-link is available.

Super-efficient peer choking/unchoking algorithms make sure the quickest downloads. Peer connection encryption for added security, in addition to IPv6 support.

Advanced bandwidth charting of total traffic and per-transfer traffic, with separate classification of protocol and file bytes, and with separate classification of outbound traffic for trading and seeding. Tixati additionally includes Customizable event logging for every download and particular person event logs for all peers inside the swarm.

Tixati has professional local file management capabilities that allow you to manoeuvre files to a special location even while downloading remains to be in progress. Highly versatile bandwidth throttling, together with trading/seeding proportion adjustment and adjustable precedence for particular person transfers and peers. full DHT (Distributed Hash Table) and PEX implementation for trackerless torrents in addition to for torrents with an announcement, together with detailed traffic graphs and customizable event logging.

Tixati works appropriately with the default settings, however, there are several things each user ought to do to verify they’re getting the quickest download speeds possible. Because internet connection speeds and latency can fluctuate vastly, you must feel free to experiment with the settings to find what works greatest for you.

On some internet connections, particularly DSL and Cable modems, an excessive amount of outgoing traffic can choke off all traffic and can affect your download speed. Tixati features each incoming and outgoing bandwidth throttles. It is mostly not essential to set the incoming bandwidth throttle, however, all users ought to select the outgoing throttle to stop an excessive amount of outgoing traffic from slowing their downloads.

Tixati is best than the rest:

  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Tixati DOWNLOAD
    Ultra-fast downloading algorithms
  • DHT, PEX, and Magnet Link support
  • Super-efficient peer choice and choking
  • RC4 connection encryption for added security
  • Detailed bandwidth management and charting
  • Advanced features equivalent to RSS, IP Filtering, Event Scheduler
  • Easy and fast install – no java, no .net
  • NO Spyware   NO Ads    NO Nonsense

Changes in Tixati 2.89:

  • several memory optimizations in Transfers and Channels to reduce per-peer RAM consumption
  • custom download and move-on-complete path selection no longer overwriting on new single-file transfers after meta-data resolved
  • bandwidth statistics for Categories now persist between program restarts
  • bandwidth chart Clear option now rolls back to the last 5 seconds instead of the last 60
  • fixed rare crashes in Windows build when closing a settings window too soon after a spinbox change
  • fixed text entry box maximum length inconsistencies when using extended Unicode characters
  • better Channel and Transfer peer removal algorithm allows for more chances at hole-punch if the total peer count is low
  • fixed problems in Channel and Transfer peer DHT search result processing that would too aggressively throttle peer creation
  • in the main Channels list, several new optional columns
  • icon for indication of current streaming status in the Channels list
  • new Users tab for Channels, with several sortable columns and some new buttons
  • new fully-featured Admin Commands window, opened by pressing the Commands button in the Users tab
  • at the top of the Channel Connections tab, several new buttons
  • options in the Connections tab to force DHT search, stop DHT search or manually add peers
  • chat window now saves all text between program sessions
  • timestamps and join/leave notifications can now be toggled within the back buffer
  • back buffer user message name tag is a different colour if the user is currently offline
  • chat text entry box changes colour if the channel is offline or temporarily disconnected
  • moved several streaming log messages to the Event Log tab
  • revised timing of topic change and MOTD messages
  • show the user public key in all tooltips
  • new field state for Channel info control directive, which controls user cache lifetime
  • better management of Channel user connection cert issuance within the Admin Commands window
  • less CPU usage maintaining aggregate Channel shared link/line counts
  • account for 6to4 to when setting narrow/wide network bans for IPv6
  • user-level changes take effect much more quickly
  • fast user share data re-caching after level changes from Basic or lower to Normal or higher
  • fixed crash in the Forum tab when messages become de-synced from the current user list
  • eliminated time-reminder and user name prompt first-time Channels are run
  • fully revised Contacts view
  • new Ignore system, accessible from the contacts top button menu
  • ignored Channel users and Transfer peer IPs managed in the same view
  • user Browse window has been completely re-done
  • nearly instant user Browse, even if they are sharing the maximum limit
  • new Browse find-bar, and keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-F and F3 / Shift-F3
  • completely new and much faster multi-line colour text control that provides chat message views and user browse view
  • fixed problem with tree view column sort indicators not initially showing in the GTK build
  • eliminated throttle reminder pop-up on the first startup
  • fixed problems with treeview single-column modes not using the full width of available space until resized
  • minor adjustment to edit box height in filter bars and search view
  • fixed problem in Windows build with control focus becoming de-synced when a child modal window is destroyed
  • fixed problem in GTK build with control lose-focus notification being lost during modal window destruction, preventing final save
  • minor updates to Dark and Light colour themes
  • several other minor tweaks and adjustments throughout the GUI
  • updated IP-location tables

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).


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