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Website-Watcher 2022 22.3 Build 100

Site Watcher 2022 is a strong yet basic site-checking device. It consequently checks pages for updates and changes. Computerize your day-to-day daily schedule, and support your efficiency!

The program impeccably fits novice and progressed clients the same. If you can work with an email client, you might actually work with WebSite-Watcher! The product places you in unlimited authority over what gets checked when it gets checked, and even the way that you are advised.

Site Watcher 2022 permits you to screen your #1 sites for updates and changes with at least time and exertion. This keeps you from visiting each page physically and searching for changes. Whenever changes in a page are recognized, the program saves the last two forms to your hard plate and features all adjustments to the text.

Many highlights give you control, over when and how a page ought to be observed for refreshes. For instance to get just an update warning when a predetermined watchword is free inside the changed substance.

Site Watcher 2022 fills in as a client on your PC, like an email client. All bookmarks and setups will be stored locally on your hard plate. The program requires no servers to actually look at pages for updates and changes.

Website-Watcher monitors:
  • All kinds of Web Pages
  • PDF / Word / Excel documents
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages
  • Password-protected pages
  • RSS/ Atom feeds
  • Makes screenshots of the pages and compare them to detect updates.
Website-Watcher check features:
  • Flexible check intervals
  • Perform pre-defined Actions
  • Only get update notifications by keyword
  • The integrated Filter Assistant lets you easily create filters.
  • Add logic with plugins
Lots of other features:

  • Smartphone / App
  • Send e-mails
  • Create reports
  • Archive pages
  • Synchronize bookmarks
  • Many more powerful features…

Changes in Website-Watcher 2022 22.1 (2022-03-31):
  • [+] Update on keywords: keywords can be combined with a logical AND by placing a ” + ” (space-plus-space) between keywords. Whole words are supported by placing the keywords into quotes.
  • Examples:
  • keyword1 + keyword2
  • “keyword1” + “keyword2” + “keyword3”
  • “website” + “watcher”
  • [+] Cloudflare protected pages supported. WebSite-Watcher detects and handles this protection automatically, a separate configuration is no longer required.
  • [+] Extended Search: New option to search for whole words
  • [+] Chromium Check Macros: New command “reload” to reload the currently opened page.
  • [+] Plugins: New built-in function that makes it easier to search for keywords:
  • KeywordExists(search, keywords, whole word)
  • [-] Follow-Links: Placing multiple master bookmarks into a single folder could produce duplicate bookmarks under certain circumstances
  • Smaller fixes and improvements


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