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Acronis Files Connect (ExtremeZ-IP) makes it simple to interface Macs to Windows File Servers and NAS. With Acronis Files Connect, Windows PCs can give Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) document sharing and IP-printing to Macintosh PCs. Likewise, it can give TCP/IP and AppleTalk print administrations.

At its centre, an AFP server runs on your Windows server and empowers Macs to interface with record offers and NAS through Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) rather than the Server Message Block (SMB) convention.

At the point when Mac clients attempt to get to Windows record servers and NAS gadgets, they normally experience the ill effects of terrible showing, information uprightness issues, slow hunts, and numerous different issues. Acronis Files Connect tackles these issues.

With Acronis Files Connect, Mac clients can interface with and mount registries on a Windows document server similarly as though they likewise were local AppleShare volumes.

Acronis Files Connect (previously ExtremeZ-IP) is enhanced to give the quickest record and print administrations accessible. That settles normal Mac/Windows document-sharing issues. It additionally offers help for Apple advancements, for example, Network Spotlight full-happy hunt and Time Machine reinforcement.

Acronis Files Connect Key Features:
  • AFP connection to file shares. With AFC, Macs connect to and mount file shares on Windows file servers and NAS as native AFP volumes. This allows Mac users to continue using the same tools and applications for accessing servers and printers.
  • Full content Spotlight searching. Acronis Files Connect links Mac Spotlight to a server-side index that seamlessly integrates with the native Windows Search service. Or a built-in Acronis content indexer. Acronis Content Indexing can index filenames and content on any file share, including non-Windows and NAS devices.
  • File access for mobile devices. Seamless file access is also provided for mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) with intuitive browsing, searching, previewing, editing, and automatic synchronization.
  • ShadowConnect. By leveraging Microsoft’s Shadow Copy (VSS), ShadowConnect brings the ability to restore previous versions of files to Mac users, while providing enhanced browsing capabilities that make it easier than ever to find the file they’re looking for.
  • Time Machine backup to file shares. Mac users’ documents can be automatically backed up to a Windows file server or NAS. And users can selectively restore previous versions directly from their desktop, without help desk intervention.
  • Network Reshare and DFS support. With the Network Reshare feature, Mac clients can use AFP file sharing to connect to one Acronis server. Also, it can access files and folders located on additional SMB file servers and NAS devices, as well as Distributed File System (DFS) file shares.
  • File name policies support. You can configure it to prevent the Mac client from actively saving, creating, or renaming files with characters that are “illegal” in Microsoft applications. Or with the file name and path lengths that can cause issues for Windows users.

    Supported Operating Systems:
  • 2019 Standard & Datacenter
  • 2016 Standard & Datacenter & Essentials
  • 2012 R2 Standard & Datacenter & Essentials
  • 2012 Standard & Datacenter & Essentials
  • 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
  • 2011 Small Business Server Standard Update Rollup 3
  • Windows Storage Server 2016
  • Windows Storage Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Storage Server 2012
  • Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
  • Windows Powered NAS
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • macOS 10.7 Lion – macOS 11.0 Big Sur.


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