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AMD Ryzen 7000 & Intel Raptor Lake 13 th Gen Launches In Mid-Q3 & Late Q3 Rumor

AMD Ryzen 7000 & X670 CPU Platform Launches In Mid-Q3, Intel Raptor Lake & Z790 Platform In Late Q3, Alleges Rumor

AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel Raptor Lake CPUs will be clashing in the final part of this current year on fresh out of the box new stages. Both Intel and AMD have affirmed a 2H 2022 send-off for their individual stages and furthermore gave insights about what's in store however new data are rolling in from Enthusiast Citizen concerning the two stages.

AMD Ryzen 7000 on X670 and Intel Raptor Lake on Z790 Platforms All Set For Battle In Q3 2022

The AMD Ryzen 7000 family will be fueled by the most recent Zen 4 centre engineering and will be upheld on the X670 stage. In the interim, Intel's Raptor Lake family will be fueled by the new Raptor Cove centres and will be upheld on the Z790 stage on send-off. Every family has intriguing data that has been spilt and you can see the other subtleties in the article beneath.
AMD Ryzen 7000 and X670 CPU Platform - Announcement Expected at Computex, Launch in Mid-Q3 2022
The gossip expresses that AMD can declare its Zen 4 fueled 5nm Ryzen 7000 CPU family however ahead of schedule as Computex 2022 which may be before the finish of May. The 600-series AM5 stage will likewise be going with the processors through the genuine send-off isn't arranged until mid of Q3 so it will be a comparative send off cycle as Ryzen 5000 with a declaration happening significantly sooner however retail accessibility in 2-3 months. Given this, the send-off can be anticipated inside August and that lines up with the bits of hearsay that demonstrated that large scale manufacturing initiates this quarter.

AMD Ryzen 'Harmony 4' Desktop CPU Expected Features:

  • Fresh out of the box new Zen 4 CPU Cores (IPC/Architectural Improvements)
  • Fresh out of the box new TSMC 5nm cycle hub with 6nm IOD
  • Support on AM5 Platform With LGA1718 Socket
  • Double Channel DDR5 Memory Support
  • 28 PCIe Lanes (CPU Exclusive)
  • 105-120W TDPs (Upper Bound Range ~170W)
The underlying AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs won't highlight 3D V-Cache and will be upheld on the AM5 stage which upholds DDR5 memory. The X670 motherboards will be presented first however the B650 arrangement is supposed to show up in either late Q3 or mid of Q4 2022. Do take note that a B650 motherboard had spilt out yesterday which implies that board producers are now assessing their cutting edge standard plans.

AMD CPU FamilyCodenameProcessor ProcessProcessors Cores/Threads (Max)TDPsPlatformPlatform ChipsetMemory SupportPCIe SupportLaunch
Ryzen 1000Summit Ridge14nm (Zen 1)8/1695WAM4300-SeriesDDR4-2677Gen 3.02017
Ryzen 2000Pinnacle Ridge12nm (Zen +)8/16105WAM4400-SeriesDDR4-2933Gen 3.02018
Ryzen 3000Matisse7nm (Zen 2)16/32105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02019
Ryzen 5000Vermeer7nm (Zen 3)16/32105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02020
Ryzen 5000 3DWarhol?7nm (Zen 3D)8/16105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02022
Ryzen 7000Raphael5nm (Zen 4)16/32?105-170WAM5600-SeriesDDR5-4800Gen 5.02022
Ryzen 8000Granite Ridge3nm (Zen 5)?TBATBAAM5700-Series?DDR5-5000?Gen 5.02023

Intel Raptor Lake & Z790 CPU Platform - Launching In Late Q3 2022 To Tackle AMD's Latest Zen 4 Family

The Intel response would come in the form of 13th Gen Raptor Lake core CPUs. The lineup is said to deliver a huge increase in gaming performance thanks to increases in both L2 and L3 cache sizes.

Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Desktop CPUs Expected Features:

  • Up To 24 Cores & 32 Threads
  • Brand New Raptor Cove CPU Cores (Higher P-Core IPC)
  • Based on 10nm ESF 'Intel 7' process node
  • Supported on existing LGA 1700 motherboards
  • Dual-Channel DDR5-5600 Memory Support
  • 20 PCIe Gen 5 Lanes
  • Enhanced Overclocking Features
  • 125W PL1 TDP (Flagship SKUs)

The multi-core performance is also said to reach in the high double-digit since the CPUs will be packing twice as many E-Cores. While the multi-threaded performance will be on par with AMD's Zen 4, it may lack in certain workloads since the single-ring bus interconnect will be pushed to its limit. The issue is said to be similar to Intel's Alder Lake implementation where when the E-Cores are enabled, the ring frequency cannot exceed the maximum clocks of the Atom cores. Just how much effect this will have on Raptor Lake is yet to be seen.

As for the platform, Intel will have support for both DDR5 and DDR4 memory and Raptor Lake CPUs will be compatible on both 600 and 700-series motherboards. The platform is pitted to launch by late Q3 or early Q4 2022. The launch will first feature the unlocked K-series lineup & the flagship Z790 motherboards followed by the more mainstream non-K and 700-series boards in the first quarter of 2023.

Source: Wccftech