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Ashampoo UnInstaller 11 Free License KEY

Ashampoo UnInstaller 11 completely removes unwanted programs, toolbars and plugins from your Microsoft Windows system. It is the solution to install, test and, if needed, uninstall applications with absolutely no leftovers. The software uses four complementary deletion methods.

This Ashampoo program cautiously screens every establishment to take into account absolute expulsion, including impermanent records. The implicit depiction highlight permits you to look at changed framework states and in a split second recognize all possible changes made by installers or projects.

The establishment observing innovation incorporated into UnInstaller logs all record and framework alterations and totally turn around them during programming evacuation. Establishments that weren't logged by UnInstaller are still completely removable because of the inherent information base with many programming profiles and our own Deep Cleaning innovation. The program additionally includes depiction innovation to look at changed framework states and in a split-second spot alterations. Group or drag-and-drop evacuation of programming is likewise conceivable.

Variant 11 highlights essentially further developed establishment auto-recognition and full Windows 11 similarity. The new Boot Center examines and further develops Windows' autorun conduct and errands while the new classification view conveniently records introduced applications by classification. All cleaners have additionally been completely refreshed. 

Given the inherent preview highlight, clients can make look at changed framework states and envision their disparities. The program likewise upholds a bunch of uninstalling to eliminate numerous applications in one go. With a weighty spotlight on client protection by alternatively destroying presently not required documents that contain delicate data. Besides programming evacuation, UnInstaller likewise incorporates different framework support and cleaning apparatuses.

Also for Windows 11, naturally!

A freshly set up and clean system guarantees optimal performance, which is why we recommend you use UnInstaller to install any new application. UnInstaller 11 is fully compatible with Windows 11 and guarantees clean program uninstalls without leftovers. Don’t let software installations clutter up your fresh new Windows system! Have UnInstaller log your installations and rest easy in the knowledge that you can completely remove anything at the click of a button! The program also comes with an interface optimized for the new Windows 11 design in addition to three classic dark versions.

Perfect uninstalls powered by heuristics and expertise

Different setups behave differently on your Windows machine. That’s why UnInstaller 11 recognizes the setup type and relies on an extensive database to track and predicts their behaviour–similar to heuristics engines in antivirus programs. No other uninstaller can do this! The result is more detailed install logs and the ability to distinguish between fresh installs and mere updates. This feature also allows UnInstaller to detect the start and beginning of installations reliably and to scan for leftovers.

Delete software with Deep Cleaning technology

Ashampoo UnInstaller 11 features end-to-end installation tracking to guarantee complete removals. This includes shandy programs usually hidden from you. But even unmonitored installations are fully removed, thanks to smart algorithms and our Deep Clean technology. This ensures orphaned files and entries that would otherwise remain on your hard disk are completely eliminated!

Ashampoo UnInstaller 11 Feature highlights:
  • Visualize the impact of applications on the system
  • Unlock and delete locked files with Unlocker
  • The enhanced stability-optimized program driver
  • Deep Clean technology v2 with even better results
  • A new extra-thorough uninstall algorithm
  • Database with uninstalling profiles for hard-to-remove programs
  • Simple drag & drop uninstall
  • Eliminate leftovers even after system reboots
  • Optional restore point creation before uninstalls
  • View additional information and statistics on program usage
  • Software profiles for perfectly clean uninstalls even without installation logs
  • Automatic leftover file scans also for default uninstallations
  • Create detailed installation logs from two snapshots
  • In-depth cleaning for leftover files
  • Permanently wipe sensitive data during uninstalls
  • History of uninstalled applications
  • Microsoft-certified program drivers
  • List and uninstall Windows apps
  • Find and remove browser extensions
  • Faster web browsing with privacy protection
  • ExFAT support for flash-based storage
  • Uninstall nested setups
  • Log and uninstall web-based installations
  • Trace any system modification through snapshots
  • Uninstall multiple applications in a row
  • Application ratings by the UnInstaller community
  • Intelligent uninstallations
  • Extended program management
Maintain system
  • New layout for popular tools category
  • System Restore Manager
  • Registry Optimizer
  • Find Duplicates
  • Font Manager
  • Undeleter
  • Startup Tuner
  • Link Checker
  • Service Manager
Clean system
  • Fully-updated cleaners
  • Internet Cleaner
  • File Wiper + Disk Scrubber
  • Full Opera support
  • Delete files permanently
  • Drive Cleaner
User handling
  • New snapshot wizard for hassle-free creating and comparing of system states
  • Integrated homepage links for program manufacturers
  • More details on program installations
  • Multi-purpose tray menu
  • One-click interface for instant results
  • Quickly research applications online
  • Quality and usability-based app ratings

Download Ashampoo UnInstaller 11:

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