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RAM Saver Pro 23.0 by

RAM Saver Pro is a simple-to-utilize RAM promoter and RAM analyzer instrument. It will keep your PC running more quickly. 
RAM analyzer expands the activity framework execution by making more memory accessible for your applications.

Utilizing these improvement stunts will assist your #1 applications and games with willing run quicker and all the more productively. Indeed, even on old PCs.

RAM Saver Pro works to expand the productivity of your CPU and Motherboard stores. Besides, the program defragments framework memory for quicker access time.

Smash Saver Pro recuperates memory spills from inadequately acted applications and briefly flushes unused libraries out to a circle, etc. The program comprises two essential parts: System Tray - module and Control Panel.

RAM Saver Pro Main Features:

  • Framework Tray screen
  • Work area RAM screen
  • Work area CPU Usage screen
  • particular Control Panel
  • proficient memory observing
  • adaptable memory enhancement with complete insights yield
  • RAM benchmark test
  • observing and command over the cycles which occur in the memory
  • probability to make "helped easy routes"
  • normal and progressed choices
  • programmed and canny improvement
  • a quick run of devices
  • constrained cleaning of the Clipboard
  • probability to close all projects for full memory discharge with a single tick
  • command over Windows uptime
  • stifling and quick running of the screen saver
  • check the presence of a plate in the CD-ROM drive the snapshot of the PC shut down
  • conceal all work area symbols
  • constrained shut down and restart the PC
  • quick admittance to Control Panels

Changes in RAM Saver Pro 22.3 (April 2022):

  • The gauge bar was updated
  • LNG-files were updated

Changes in RAM Saver Pro 22.1 (February 2022):

  • The processes tab was updated
  • Italian.chm was added
  • Italian.LNG was updated
Changes in RAM Saver Pro 22.0 (January 2022):

  • the interface of the program was updated
  • an optimization algorithm was updated
Changes in RAM Saver Pro 21.11 (November 2021):

  • The size of the Control Panel was changed
  • Graphical windows fixes

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Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.


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