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RX 6650XT AMD Radeon GPU LEAKED MHz Boost Clock & Bandwidth By PowerColor

PowerColor RX 6650XT Hellhound has a 2689 MHz boost clock, features 17.5 Gbps memory

PowerColor RX 6650XT gets higher clocks and bandwidth

We managed to obtain some information on the upcoming Radeon RX 6650XT graphics card from PowerColor.

The company is now preparing an updated Hellhound model with an even faster Navi 23 GPU. According to the information that was given to us, this model will both have higher GPU clocks and memory speed.

PowerColor RX 6650 XT Hellhound is a double fan illustrations card with 2048 Stream Processors and 8GB GDDR6 memory. Those specs didn't change and neither did the plan from RX 6600 series. What obviously has, are the GPU tickers. This model backings double BIOS highlight, with Silent and OC modes. The Silent mode is essentially AMD-reference spec, and that implies that RX 6650XT ought to have the game and lift clock of 2410/2635 MHz individually. The Hellhound model isn't the leader PowerColor GPU, yet there is as yet an increment for the two tickers in OC mode.

It would likely check out to contrast RX 6650XT Hellhound with its 'ancestor', the RX 6600 XT Hellhound. For this situation, the game clock has expanded from 2382 MHz to 2486 MHz, which is 4.4%. In the interim, support has gone up from 2593 MHz to 2689 MHz, so a marginally more modest increment of 3.7%.

Things get intriguing once we got to the memory spec. As opposed to the bits of gossip about 18 Gbps memory being utilized by this model, it would send with 17.5 Gbps memory. This knocks the data transmission up from 256 GB/s to 280 GB/s.

The spec sheet that we have doesn't specify TBP (Typical Board Power) for this model. Its processor had a TBP of 160W. What we can affirm however is that the prerequisite for the power supply has changed from 500W to 600W. However, the card is as yet controlled by a solitary 8-pin power connector.

This model and the remainder of AMD's Radeon RX 6x50XT series are set to send off on May tenth. We will give a report on this card and others as soon we have more data.

Source: videocardz