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AquaSnap 1.23.15 – Desktop Enhancement

AquaSnap is a free work area chief that enormously upgrades how you can organize windows on your Desktop. It gives you the likelihood to snap windows to the edges or to the sides of the work area. Additionally, it lets you set windows to stay on top, stretch windows and then some.

AquaSnap makes the window the executives considerably more ergonomic. Drag a window to the line of work area and this window will be snapped and resized to fit one portion of the screen. Drag this window to a corner, fitting one quarter will be snapped. Shake a window and this window will remain on top all the time.

AquaSnap is 100 per cent made out of exceptionally improved local code, with no think twice about security and execution. It utilizes almost no memory and almost no CPU. AquaSnap is spotless, simple to introduce and simple to uninstall.

Window docking - Split your work area in one simple signal

Simplified your windows to the sides or corners of the screen and they are consequently resized to fit one half or one-fourth of the screen. Very much like the underlying Aero Snap capacity of Windows 7 yet with additionally conceivable outcomes! This is particularly helpful on a 4K screen or on various screens.

Window snapping - Don't squander your work area space, pixels are valuable!

AquaSnap permits you to handily adjust your windows by causing them to act as magnets. This straightforward element is the foundation of AquaSnap and has been painstakingly intended to help you without holding you up.

Window extending - One tick to overcome this free space on your screen!

This is one more impressive approach to immediately part your work area space between a few windows. Double-tap on the edge of a window to expand it in one heading. Do likewise while squeezing [Shift] to expand it in an upward direction or on a level plane.

Move windows together - Easily deal with these little drifting windows

Proficient applications with complex UI frequently dissipate little tool stash windows on your work area. Keep them assembled and move them at the same time. Move one window while squeezing [Ctrl] and the entire gathering of contiguous windows will follow.

Make it stay on top - If you really want to watch out for a little window

This is the most effective way to have this window generally apparent while chipping away at a fullscreen application. Shake a window to make it straightforward and on top all of the time. Shake it again to reestablish its generally expected state.

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Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Supported languages: English, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Danish, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and Swedish!

Size: 3.79 MB


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