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ASCOMP PDF Conversa Pro 3.001 License KEY Giveaway

ASCOMP PDF Conversa Professional is a tool to convert PDF files. With PDF Conversa, you can easily convert PDF files to Microsoft Word documents and vice versa with the help of this simple application. Images, tables, and fonts are not changed and there are no unwanted indentations. Besides, the password for the converted file can be accessed, which provides additional protection against unwanted access.

PDF Conversa 3 Professional Review at a Glance

Yet again have you gotten a PDF report from your associate and might want to make changes, however, there is no appropriate PDF instrument accessible to you? Or then again might you want to make your Word record accessible to others as a PDF? We have the arrangement: ASCOMP PDF Conversa Professional. With practically no earlier information, you can change over your archive to the ideal partner and set aside time and cash!

PDF Conversa 3 Professional offers a basic, fast, and simple method for achieving the undertaking of transformations. You can utilize the instrument to change over any PDF into Word's own DOC or RTF record design. The designs, tables, and text styles have a place with the essential format to stay unaltered. Secret key safeguarded archives can likewise be changed over with next to no issues and further handled in Word. This creative PDF-to-Word Conversion programming program conveys exact outcomes in a solid climate.

This PDF Converter by ASCOMP Software GmbH allows you to convert documents from one format to another without making any compromise on the quality, formatting as well as security of the information. Convert your password-protected PDF documents to Word formats and edit them easily. Also, protect your Word files by saving them with passwords.

PDF Conversa 3 is available in two different versions. The following paragraph shows you the differences between the available editions and helps you to choose a suitable edition for you.

The Trial Version: The trial version can be tested unrestrictedly for 14 days. It provides you with all the features of the software. At the end of the evaluation period, the menu items PDF to DOC and DOC/DOCX to PDF are not available for use anymore. Users of the standard edition do not receive technical support via email free of charge.

The Professional Edition (Full Version): The Professional Edition may be purchased through the ASCOMP Software GmbH online shop at €20 (private license) respectively €40 (company license). This edition is accessible for an unlimited time. Users of the Professional Edition receive free software updates, as well as technical support via email free of charge, in each case for two years from the date of purchase.


  • Convert PDF To Word: Convert PDF files into Word files (.DOC format) without changing the graphics, tables, special fonts, and other attributes
  • Convert Word To PDF: Convert Word files (.DOC / .DOCX formats) into PDF files by compressing texts, maintaining image quality, and keeping special fonts intact
  • Convert password-protected PDF documents to Word formats for easy editing
  • Protect Word files with passwords
  • Edit and share your existing documents in any format you need.


  • This is a 1-computer lifetime license, for commercial and noncommercial use
  • You get free updates for the same major version for six months
  • You get free tech support for six months
  • You must register the product before this offer has ended
  • It May not be resold

How to get the ASCOMP PDF Conversa Professional license for free?

Step 2. Enter your name and your Email address => Press to “Send” button to get login information from ASCOMP

Step 3. Click on the link in your Mailbox to continue the registration process for PDF Conversa to gain instant access to your product download

Step 4. Log in with your ASCOMP account to get the Ascomp PDF Imager download link

Step 5. Download, install and enjoy PDF Conversa Professional for free!


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