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ASCOMP Secure-PDF Professional License KEY LifeTime Giveaway

ASCOMP Secure-PDF Professional is a PDF utility that helps user encrypt their own or third-party PDF documents with up to 256-bit key strength (AES). Besides, it can add a signal to open it, therefore the users can only view the encrypted document by entering the right password.

With ASCOMP Secure-PDF the clients can encode or sign PDFs themself. The ASCOMP Secure-PDF has numerous significant capacities for getting PDF reports. Watermarks can be added and PDFs can be scrambled and carefully marked. Plus, with Secure-PDF, a secret word can undoubtedly be added to the scrambled report. Just the people who have this secret phrase can then open or view the record.

Secure-PDF is a set-up of safety devices for PDF documents including
encryption and mark, where
The PDF design is utilized overall to disseminate graphically handled
archives. Nonetheless, record altering is typically connected with high
costs since great PDF editors are costly and less expensive than other options
come up short on significant elements of making PDF records secure, for instance
by scrambling, carefully marking, or adding watermarks.
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Secure-PDF Professional Free License Key is a strong security
tool stash for scrambling and marking PDF archives has numerous significant
capacities to get PDF records, for example, adding watermarks,
encoding and marking PDF records, proprietor data of PDF reports,
adding a secret key to the encoded archive.
 Encode your PDF reports or others' archives with a key
strength of up to 256 pieces (AES). Add a secret key to open it so that
clients can see the scrambled report by entering the right
secret word.
To guarantee the beneficiaries of your PDF records that the comparing
the report is unique and has not been altered until a while later, and a
the computerized signature highlight is accessible in Secure-PDF With a PKCS#12
authentication, you can set your advanced mark for the record. Or on the other hand
simply sign the PDF with the marked picture.
You can set Secure-PDF watermarks as well as the proprietor data of
a PDF archive - even without earlier information on the most proficient method to utilize PDF

Key Features:

  • Encrypt PDF and set user restrictions,
  • Sign PDF with certificate file and signature icon,
  • Watermark PDF,
  • Give PDF with owner information.


  • License for 1 computer lifetime
  • Free updates for 6-month
  • Free technical support for 6-month

Secure-PDF Professional Features
  • Encrypt PDF
  • Sign the PDF document
  • Watermark for PDF document
  • Owner information for PDF document
  • Prices and availability of ASCOMP Secure-PDF
  • ASCOMP Secure-PDF raffle

How to get the license key?

  • Fill in the blank with the available Secure-PDF Professional giveaway form, and check your mailbox for the ASCOMP login information.
  • Login reseller area where you can download any registered full versions. Download the installer, install it on your PC, and enjoy!

Visit the GIVEAWAY PAGE —> 
Link-1 OR  Link-2
  1. Enter your information to register
  2. Check your mailbox to get a Customer ID to log in to download your registered full version
  3. Install the software on your computer.
  4. Enter your Customer ID to unlock the software


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