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EaseUS OS2Go Pro

The EaseUS
 OS2GO application is capable of making a portable Microsoft Windows on a USB drive. It can be achieved with a few clicks. With this pocket-friendly USB drive, you can get access to your operating system on any hardware instead of carrying heavy computers.

If you frequently travel and need a computer, but you don’t want to pay for the extra weight. You can solve it by putting Windows on a USB drive. If you have access to a display, a keyboard, and a mouse, you can stay productive wherever you are. Besides, a portable Windows will significantly benefit you when the computer suffers from a boot failure. With portable Windows available, you can boot the computer successfully and then rescue your files.

  • Make portable Windows 10/11 on USB.
  • Create a bootable Windows USB for Mac use.
  • Create a Portable Windows To Go USB Drive with simple clicks!

EaseUS OS2Go Key Features:

Easy Solution for Remote Work and Troubleshooting
  • Use Your Personal System Anywhere. Run your personal system with your applications, preferences, and passwords from the USB drive on any computer you want, and take it with you for remote work.
  • Create An Emergency Bootable Disk. Simply reboot your PC from the USB drive to get the system back to work in an emergency, and resolve any problem or conflict associated with Windows.
  • Use the Newest Windows Version. Use the newest version of Windows on another PC outfitted with an older operating system.
Run Windows on Mac
  • For Mac Game Lover – Play Fortnite on Mac 2021. Since 2020, Apple had prevented Epic from signing games and patches for distribution on Mac. The easiest method is to create a portable Windows USB so that you can make your Mac computer a dual-OS device.
  • Play Windows Minecraft on Mac Smoothly. EaseUS OS2Go can make a portable Windows Minecraft USB drive so that you can enjoy gaming across Windows and macOS.
  • Install Windows on Mac without Boot Camp. Users who want to use Windows OS on a Mac computer and users might need two operating systems on one computer. EaseUS OS2Go is your best choice.
For Service Provider

  • Easy to Accessible from Multiple Computers. You can access all the features of Windows 10, the user data and apps on the same USB drive on multiple computers once it is connected.
  • Serve as many users as possible. You can provide services quickly without any obstacles even if the user has no system or their system is damaged.
  • Easy to Carry and Cost-Effective. If you compare the portable USB with a hard drive, you will find the USB device is much cheaper and more affordable.

Homepage –

Supports various Windows systems. Fully compatible with PCs and laptops running the latest Windows 11 as well as Windows 10/8 and Windows 7.

Supports creating Windows USB for MacBook. If you want to run a Windows system on a MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini, this tool can be the best choice.


Seamless Integration

All apps are run seamlessly on an external USB drive no matter it is from a Windows PC or Apple Mac.

Create Windows To Go with a Non-Certified USB Drive

Windows To Go is a Windows feature that enables the entire desktop of a user's computer to be transported. However, it requires a certified USB drive. EaseUS supports all USB sticks and drives from various brands.

24/7 Support

EaseUS provides Premium 24/7 Email support, aiming to help customers with instant and professional solutions.


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