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How To Fix Windows 11 Crashing Issues

Hi Guys What up I Hope You are All Doing Well

So In Todays Post We Gonna Show You Guys Best Ways to Fix Windows 11 Crashing Issues

After installing Windows 11, my system crashed a lot and sometimes in the middle of important tasks. If you are facing similar issues, you should do some troubleshooting tricks before trying to reset or install your Windows. This tutorial will address this and show you how to fix Windows 11 crashing issues.

Fix Windows 11 Crashing Issues
There are different fixes that you can try to resolve this problem. Try the following methods and see which one works for you.

Shut Down System
The majority of us don't as expect to shut down our frameworks. We for the most part made it lights-out time for the framework, which can here and there cause issues. Consistently closing down your framework can assist with keeping it 'sound.'
  • Press the Windows key.
  • Click on the Power icon at the bottom corner and select Shut down.

Check RAM
If you run out of RAM, you will face frequent crashes. So, ensure that you have enough RAM.

  • Click on the search icon and type Resource Monitor, and press Open.

  • Click on the Memory tab.
  • Check the Available Physical Memory.

If you are running out of memory, close unnecessary apps, and background services.
  1. Press the Win + X keys and select Task Manager.
  2. Click on the task you want to close and select End Task

RAM Issues
    There is a possibility that your RAM may have issues too. You can diagnose the problems and fix the issues.
      •  Open the Run box using shortcut keys Win + R.
      •  Type mdsched.exe and press Enter.
      • Click on the first option, and your system will restart automatically. After it restarts, a diagnostic tool will launch and Inspect if any issues exist.

      Power Adapter
      If you have a laptop, always use the power adapter that comes with it. Using another adapter may cause problems in the long run.

      High Temperature
      With global warming causing temperatures to rise, long gaming sessions, long work hours, streaming, etc., can cause your computer to heat up. High temperatures aren’t great for any machine, so wait for it to cool down before using it again.

      Fix Windows 11 Crashing Issue By Replacing CMOS Battery
      A Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) battery is what powers your BIOS. Changing this battery is a lot harder on a laptop. So, if your PC CMOS battery gets weaker over time (it has a life of 2 – 10 years), you should change it. There is a possibility that your old battery is causing crash issues for your Windows PC.

      Display Drivers
      If you keep getting the blue screen of death or the pink screen of death, there is a possibility that your drivers are outdated.

      • Step-1: Use the Win + X keys to open the WinX Menu and select Device Manager.
      • Step-2: Click on Display adapters to expand the option.

      • Step-3: Right-click on your adapter and select Update Driver.
      • Step-4: Click on Search automatically for drivers and install the latest driver version.

      Fix Windows 11 Crashing Issues By Removing Corrupt Files
      Over time, there is a possibility that your system has gotten infected. So, if such a case has happened, you should run a scan and remove any malicious files or programs.
      1.  Click on the search icon and type Windows Security, and press Open.
      2.  Select Virus & threat protection.
      3. Click on Quick scan.

      Fix Windows 11 Crashing Issue By Updating Apps
      1. Click on the search icon and type Store. Click Open.
      2. Click on Library.
      3. Select Get updates.

      Windows Update
      Even months after the launch, Windows 11 has a lot of bugs. So, whenever an update is available, make sure that you install it.

      1.  Open the Settings app, using shortcut keys Win + I.
      2.  Click on Windows Update from the left pane.
      3.  Click on Restart now if updates are available. If updates aren’t visible, click on Check for updates and install.

      Reset PC
      This should be the last resort if Windows 11 keeps crashing and issues aren’t resolved.
      1. Open the Settings app (Win + I).
      2. In System Settings, scroll down and select Recovery.
      3. Click on Reset PC.
      4. Select the option appropriate for you.

      Ideally, one of these techniques will determine your issue and Windows 11 will quit crashing through and through. Tell us in the remarks beneath.