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HT Parental Controls Free License Key Giveaway

HT Parental Controls helps you to protect your children and family members from inappropriate digital content. It’s a standalone Windows application that offers protection when online as well as offline.

This parental control software filters content and blocks all inappropriate (or adult) websites and applications. Which helps to make sure a safe computer experience for the kids. It provides you with a report of each visited website and launched application. Besides, its screenshot-capturing feature enables you to silently take screenshots in a given time interval. As parents, you can view the search queries that your children are interested in and identify as well.

HT Parental Controls allows you to set rules to apply when the child using the computer. You can set predefined content categories, stop downloading videos or watching online, block some specific websites and keywords, time limit the usage, etc. The Application Filter allows you to block any game, unwanted software, messengers, and chats as you specified.

HT Parental Controls is a parental control program for Windows that ensures a solid and blissful PC experience for youngsters and relatives.

HT Parental Controls is an apparatus intended to protect your children on the Internet, channel content, and square all unseemly sites and applications. With it, you should rest assured that unseemly happiness won't arrive at your kid. Moreover, this product will hinder games, couriers, visits, and any undesirable programming.

The Features of HT Parental Controls at a Glance

  • Monitor all activities on the computer
  • Block inappropriate content and websites
  • Silently take screenshots
  • Monitoring children’s online search queries
  • Control games and apps for children
  • Email Reports on the monitoring computer
  • Set time limits on computer usage

Key Features:

  • Easily learn what your children are doing on the computer,
  • See whether you need to block something additionally or make sure that everything is under control,
  • Captures the screen every 5 minutes or at an adjustable time interval,
  • Search queries allow parents to understand what their child is interested in and identify a problem if one exists,
  • Gives you detailed reports of all requests made in Google, Bing, Yahoo,
  • Block predefined content categories, block and allow any websites and keywords, and limit the time that your kid spends on time-wasters like social networks, games, chats, etc.
  • Block any application on the child’s computer,
  • Block games, messengers, chats, any unwanted software,
  • Choose programs to block on the list of popular applications or add a custom application located on your PC,
  • Set up daily and weekly limits, schedule for each day of the week, or a limit on the maximum number of hours.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/8.1/7


  • This is a 6-month license for HT Parental Controls version 21.6.7
  • Non-commercial usage
  • Free updates to the main version are available for 6-month
  • Free technical support
  • Register Fast Limited USers And Time



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