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Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 and Network Security Software gives incorporated insurance of Windows workstations, document servers and mail servers from malware, possibly risky projects and organization assaults.

The product has coordinated Application Control, Device Control and Web Content Filtering. These controls joined with the strong assurance of Kaspersky give a more profound degree of endpoint security. Chairmen can confine admittance to outside gadgets and unnecessary sites.

An adaptable whitelist or boycott of utilizations and apparatuses to restrict their honours add to Kaspersky's defensive measures, which increment representative efficiency, information security and IT strategy authorization.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Windows benefits from an upgraded antivirus motor and a scope of advancement innovations. That guarantees the most effective utilization of workstation and server assets with an insignificant effect on execution.

Framework Watcher and other proactive parts convey assurance against dangers that poor persons have yet to be kept in signature information bases. Utilizing Behavior Streams Signature designs, dubious ways of behaving are broken down, and a prompt move is initiated. What's more, if fundamental, undesirable changes are rolled-back and harmed information is re-established.

Adaptable, brought together organization. Utilizing the Kaspersky Security Center application, remotely introduce the arrangement on workstations and servers. Additionally, you can set insurance boundaries, oversee against malware refreshes, screen security status and answer occasions. They are likewise the highlights, for example, bringing together weakness hailing, virtual machine backing and sub-organization abilities.

Strong Kaspersky Administration Kit gives incorporated organization on workstations and document servers. From this focal control centre, introduce, design and update Kaspersky Lab endpoint arrangements in the organization, whether on physical or virtual machines.

Integrated Protection:

    • Security for document frameworks. Filters all records (for noxious substances) when made, sent off or altered. Likewise filters any singular records, catalogues and plates (neighbourhood and organization).
    • Kaspersky Security Network. A huge number of individuals in worldwide client local areas volunteer ("pick in") to give information about dubious exercises and malware diseases to the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network. The organization quickly gives a reaction to thought dangers, a lot quicker than conventional techniques for security. Utilizing this experiential information, cloud-helped insurance lessens "misleading up-sides" which converts into an expansion in business efficiency.
    • Security on the web. Kaspersky applications examine HTTP traffic progressively by utilizing an assortment of strategies that incorporate a heuristic examination of site pages. Blocks admittance to contaminated and boycotted sites, which guarantees Internet clients can work in a solid climate. Boycotted URLs are refreshed continuously or the manager can modify them.
    • Assurance from programmer assaults. A superior firewall, along with IPS, shields workstations and servers in an organization. Predefined rules for more than 250 of the most regularly utilized applications decrease the time spent on arranging the firewall.
    • Secure electronic correspondence. Examines Mail traffic at the level of the information move convention (POP3, IMAP, MAPI and NNTP for approaching traffic and SMTP for active traffic, including SSL associations). The arrangement is viable with the most widely recognized mail programs. The application additionally examines records and connections sent using texting frameworks (ICQ, MSN, AIM).
    • Insurance from phishing. Utilizes a data set containing URLs of phishing locales to distinguish and impair connections to such sites in the Internet program. Simultaneously repelling messages from phishers via the post office program. This rundown is refreshed continuously by the Kaspersky Security Network.

    Powerful Controls:

      • Application Startup Control. Kaspersky can forestall certain (or gatherings of) utilizations from sending off by utilizing regulatory and cloud-helped Whitelisting or Blacklisting. Modify either a "default deny" or "default permit" situation to keep undesirable applications from running.
      • Application Privilege Control. You can apply limitations to application ways of behaving in the working framework, and their admittance to PC assets. Utilizing head or cloud-appointed classifications, you can bunch the applications as indicated by their reliability and allocated situation privileges.
      • Web Controls and Content Filtering. Gives authoritative sifting of web assets by URL, content and information type. Deftly set controls to allow consent, preclude, breaking point or direct client reviews for specific classifications of sites. Adaptable booking of web use rules empowers web access during specific hours, upholding organization strategies.
      • Gadget Control. You can control with adaptable strategy situations the removable gadgets (information capacity gadgets, I/O gadgets) on the corporate organization. A booking capacity empowers specific principles to produce results during explicit times. These controls lessen the gamble of malevolent projects infiltrating clients' PCs and assist with forestalling private information spills.
      • Weakness Scanner. On-request and on-access weakness examining and unified announcing permit the gathering of endpoints as indicated by distinguished weaknesses. The element distinguishes framework flimsy parts, missing patches and ignored application and OS refreshes.

      Supported Operating Systems:
      • Microsoft Windows 11 x86 / х64.
      • Microsoft Windows 10 Home / Pro / Education / Enterprise x86 / х64.
      • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro / Enterprise x86 / х64.
      • Microsoft Windows 8 Pro / Enterprise x86 / х64.
      • Microsoft Windows 7 Home / Professional / Enterprise x86 / х64 SP1 or later.
      Supported Operating Systems for servers:
      • Windows Server 2022.
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Essentials / Standard х64.
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 х64.
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Foundation / Essentials / Standard х64.
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation / Essentials / Standard х64.
      • Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 x64.
      • Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 Essentials / Standard х64.
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation / Standard / Enterprise х64 SP1.
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard / Enterprise х64 SP2.
      • Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 Standard / Premium x64.
      Server platform support limitations:
      • The ReFS file system is supported with limitations.
      • The Server Core and Cluster Mode configurations are not supported.
      • Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and File-Level Encryption (FLE) on server platforms are not supported.
      Supported virtual platforms:
      • VMware Workstation 16.1.2;
      • VMware ESXi 7.0 Update 3;
      • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019;
      • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 2106;
      • Citrix Provisioning 2109;
      • Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 (Hotfix XS82E033).
      Supported Mac Operating Systems:
      • macOS 10.12 — 11.00
      Supported Linux Operating Systems:
      • CentOS 6.7 or later, x86 / x64
      • Debian GNU / Linux 8.9 or later, x86 / x64
      • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.7 or later, x64
      • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later, x86 / x64
      • Linux Mint 18.2 or later, x86 / x64
      • Oracle Linux 7.3 or later, x64
      • ALT various versions, x86 / x64
      • GosLinux 6.6 or later, x86 / x64
      • Mageia 4, x86
      • Amazon Linux AMI, x64
      • Astra Linux, x64
      • OS ROSA Cobalt, x64
      • Altern 7.5 or later, x64
      • Pardus OS 19.1 or later, x64

      DOWNLOAD KES for Windows (Lite encryption)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Windows (Strong encryption)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Windows (Administration Plug-In)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Windows (Web console Plug-In)
      DOWNLOAD Kaspersky Security for Windows Server for Windows
      DOWNLOAD KS for Windows (Administration Plug-In)
      DOWNLOAD KS for Windows (Web console Plug-In)
      DOWNLOAD KES for macOS (Distributive)
      DOWNLOAD KES for macOS (Network agent)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Linux x86 Debian (Distributive)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Linux x64 Debian (Distributive)
      DOWNLOAD KES for AstraLinux x64 (Distributive)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Linux x86 Debian (Network agent)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Linux x64 Debian (Network agent)
      DOWNLOAD KES for AstraLinux x64 (Network agent)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Linux x86 Red Hat Enterprise (Distributive)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Linux x64 Red Hat Enterprise (Distributive)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Linux x86 Red Hat Enterprise (Network agent)
      DOWNLOAD KES for Linux x64 Red Hat Enterprise (Network agent)

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