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Magoshare AweClone 2.8 License KEY For Windows & Mac Giveaway

You are searching for a circle cloning answer for SSD that can clone all items in a hard drive to another hard drive/gadget? Magoshare AweClone will offer you a simple, secure, and fast method for cloning all information including records/programming/settings to another hard drive/gadget with practically no misfortune.

Magoshare AweClone permits you to safely clone information and items from your one stockpiling to another drive. With this device, you can clone framework volumes, hard plates, SSDs, and outer capacity gadgets in a couple of snaps. It accompanies two cloning modes as Disk Clone and Partition Clone.

Magoshare AweClone can also use as a backup and recovery tool. You can make a full backup of your data and save them for later use. If any data loss occurs, you will be able to easily restore the data using the backup.

Key features

  • Clone Windows system to another hard drive or external hard drive
  • Clone the entire hard drive disk or external storage device
  • Clone hard drive partition without any loss
  • Clone HDD to SSD or Clone SSD to HDD
  • Clone old hard drive to new hard drive
  • Make a backup of your hard drive data
  • Easily restore your data from the cloned backup
  • User-friendly and easy to use.


  • Safe: Safe disk cloning software: no damage to your hardware or file system, no data loss
  • Efficient: The easy and quick way to clone a hard disk, replace a failing disk, clone an old disk to a new one
  • Free updates: Free lifetime updates. You can get all new versions for free
  • High quality: Award-winning disk cloning software. It is trusted by more than 10, 0000 users.

System Requirements:

  • Windows & Mac
  • Disk Space: at least 60MB
  • RAM: at least 128 MB

Download Links:

DOWNLOAD Magoshare AweClone For Windows

License Key For Windows

DOWNLOAD Magoshare AweClone For Mac

License Key For Mac

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