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MobiKin Assistant For Android 3.12 License KEY

On occasion, you may simply have to move a couple of documents on your Android telephone instead of all or the vast majority of them. Anyway, how might you specifically move documents from your Android telephone to your PC? How, then again, might you at any point specifically move records from your PC to your Android telephone?

It's basically as straightforward as stripping a banana with MobiKin Assistant for Android.

MobiKin Assistant for Android permits you to interface a few Android gadgets to your PC and reinforcement every one of their information with a solitary snap. Numerous Android clients say that at whatever point they use a peculiar choice on their Android cell phone, they coincidentally eradicate something pivotal.

Anyway, would you say you are tired of losing things from your telephone aimlessly? With the help of this telephone chief program, you can now stop the destiny of information misfortune on Android. It permits you to interface various Android cell phones to your PC and reinforcement every one of their information to your work area with a solitary snap.

What is MobiKin assistant for Android?

With it, you can back up all data from the device to your desktop computer with one simple click. 1. Be able to export contacts, text messages, apps, photos, music, movie, and books from Android mobile phones and tablets to computer, so that you can free up more space to get more new files

Back-Up and Restore Android Data with 1 Click

Is it safe to say that you are burnt out on having your documents lost coincidentally from your Android telephone? Presently, we should end this destiny with the assistance of MobiKin Assistant for Android. With it, you can back up all information from your Android gadget to your personal computer with one basic snap, and reestablish the reinforcement documents at whatever point you want.

A single tick to back up your Android telephone to a PC, making Android information reinforcement all the more rapidly and without any problem.

Reestablish the supported-up records from the PC to any Android gadget with one basic snap.

Backing to clear information on the objective telephone before reestablishing with one straightforward snap, if you are out of luck.

Backing to save your Android reinforcement documents to any place you want them on the PC or outer stockpiling.

Deal with Your Android Data without Limitation

The Android cell phone isn't just a cell phone yet additionally a portable hard plate. It permits you to access and save a wide range of documents on the Android telephone. Nonetheless, how would you deal with your Android information successfully and without any problem? Here, MobiKin Assistant for Android stands apart to assist you with making Android information the executives simpler.

Send messages on the PC (mass message kneading likewise upheld), resend, erase, duplicate and forward messages on your PC.

Add new telephone numbers, erase copied contacts, change/alter contact data, make other contact gatherings, and so forth.

Erase undesirable call logs, photographs, collections, recordings, digital books, music, and so forth on an Android telephone.

Add new photographs, recordings and music, and duplicate and move photographs starting with one collection and then onto the next.

Introduce or uninstall Android applications from the PC.

Figure out whichever explicit records you want with the inquiry box.

Specifically, Transfer Android Files from/to Computer

Here and there you could have to move a couple of records on your Android telephone, not every last bit of it or its vast majority. Subsequently, how to specifically move documents from your Android telephone to the PC? Or on the other hand how to specifically move records from the PC to your Android telephone? Relax. It is just about as simple as shelling peas involving the MobiKin Assistant for Android.

Uninhibitedly decide to move at least one document before you commodity or import Android records.

Send out Android information to the PC, including contacts, messages, call logs, photographs, recordings, music, books, and applications.

Import records from the PC to Android telephones and tablets, for example, contacts, messages, call logs, music, recordings, photographs, and so on.

All Android records will be moved and saved in the first arrangement and quality.

A single tick to trade your contacts to a PC and save them as VCF, HTML, CSV, BAK, Outlook or XML design.

Different Highlights: Connection, Compatibility, and so forth.

As an expert Android information chief, MobiKin Assistant for Android has other commendable features that you may likewise be keen on.

Viable with practically all well-known brands of Android gadgets, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Huawei, and so forth.

Everything Android documents can be made due regardless of whether it is put away in the inside memory or outside the SD card.

Catch your telephone screen, duplicate the screen capture to the clipboard and save the screen capture on your PC with a single tick.

Interface and deal with various Android gadgets on the PC.

2 methods for interfacing: USB association and Wi-Fi association. (For the Wi-Fi association, please pre-introduce the MobiKin Assistant for Android (Android Version) on your Android telephone.)

Key Features:

  • Simple backup and restoration of Android data
  • You have complete control over your contacts and SMS
  • Organize your apps as you see fit
  • More Assistant for Android Highlights
  • All Android files may be handled, whether they are on internal storage or on an external SD card
  • With a single click, you may capture your phone’s screen, copy it to the clipboard, and save it to your computer.

Terms and conditions

  • This is the one-year license key for the current version (Windows only)
  • Noncommercial use
  • No free updates and technical support

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista, Windows XP

MobiKin Assistant For Android

MobiKin Assistant For Android License KEY

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License code:

Licensed email:
License code: D500D6DFF385A2E0C2E0229223C8F9088D10C95239B57772C67AC02B


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