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NetWorx 7.1 by SoftPerfect

NetWorx is a basic and free, yet integral asset that assists you with unbiasedly assessing your data transmission circumstance. You can utilize it to gather transmission capacity utilization information and measure the speed of your Internet or some other organization association.

NetWorx can assist you with distinguishing potential wellsprings of organization issues, guarantee that you don't surpass the data transfer capacity limits determined by your ISP, or find dubious organization movement normal for Trojan ponies and programmer assaults.

The program permits you to screen all your organization associations or a particular organization association (like Ethernet or PPP) as it were.

Besides, the product includes an arrangement of profoundly adjustable visual and sound cautions. You can position it to caution you when the organization association is down or when some dubious movement, for example, a strangely weighty information stream, happens.

It can likewise consequently disengage all dial-up associations and shut down the framework.

Utilizing NetWorx, the approaching and active traffic is addressed on a line outline and logged to a document, so you can constantly see insights about your every day, week-by week and month-to-month data transfer capacity use and dialup span. The reports can be traded to an assortment of organizations, for example, HTML, MS Word and Excel, for additional examination.

NetWorx Key Features:

  • Clear realistic or potentially numeric presentation.
  • Utilization reports, exportable to an assortment of record designs, including Excel, MS Word and HTML.
  • Close oversight of transfers and downloads.
  • Backing of dial-up, ISDN, link modems, ADSL, Ethernet cards, and that's just the beginning.
  • Network data and testing instruments with cutting-edge netstat that shows applications utilizing your Internet association.
  • Choices to advise the client or naturally separate from the Internet when the organization's action surpasses a specific level.
  • Speed meter to precisely time downloads and report the typical exchange rates.
  • Dial-up meeting diary with point-by-point data about each meeting.
  • Totally free and doesn't contain any adware, spyware or malware.

With NetWorx You Can …

  • Find out and screen how quick your Internet association is.
  • Find out and screen the amount of Internet traffic you consume.
  • Check whether your ISP charges your Internet utilization reasonably.
  • Identify a dubious organization movement on your PC.
  • Perform basic organization tests, for example, ping and follow the course.
  • Be advised about inordinate Internet use.

Changes in NetWorx 7.0.0 (2022-05-04):
  • This version is a complete rewrite of the product aiming at future extensibility and multi-platform support.
  • Added: extensive macOS support.
  • Added: colour schemes and dark mode support.
  • Improved: uptime & downtime monitor.
  • Improved: multiple graph support.
  • Improved: graph shows active apps and chart.
  • Improved: simplified and refreshed user interface.
  • Removed: dial-up features, hourly report, traceroute, ping and most hidden settings.

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