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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1630 Graphics Card All What We Know ( Rumored )

NVIDIA To Finally Release GeForce GTX 1630, The Successor To GT 1030: Faster Than GTX 1050 Ti In Performance

NVIDIA preparing GeForce GTX 1630 graphics card, its first GTX x30 model
NVIDIA is set to introduce GeForce GTX 1630 to combat the entry-level offer from AMD.

The GTX 1630 could be the first x30 model in the GTX series. So far we have seen cards, for example, GT 730 or GT 1030, however, those are extremely old arrangements as of now. In the interim, NVIDIA's most recent GTX Turing card, 1650, was delivered in April 2019, so over quite a while back.

With the flooding GPU costs, NVIDIA has apparently deserted the low-end market. The organization sent off its RTX 3050 work area card in January this year, so 14 months after the principal Ampere models made a presentation. Be that as it may, with its 249 USD send-off cost and north of 330 USD genuine retail value, this model is still too far for some gamers.

AMD, who delivered Radeon RX 6500XT and RX 6400 cards around a similar time, realize that NVIDIA generally dislikes the low-end GPU market. The organization as of late sent off an advertising effort exhibiting AMD Radeon RX 6000 series esteem in contrast with GeForce RTX 30, GTX 16/10 series. Here, in the low-end market, the hole among AMD and NVIDIA valuing is much recognizable, particularly thinking that those cards were not intended for weighty, beam followed stuffed gaming.

As indicated by our data, GeForce GTX 1630 is set to supplant GTX 1050 Ti, so it would almost certainly cost under 190 USD (that is likewise the ongoing cost of GTX 1650). Right now, the specs of GTX 1630 are obscure, however, one could anticipate a TU117 (Turing) model with sub 75W power prerequisite and refreshed GDDR6 memory. The GTX 1650 series highlight upwards of five models as of now, including TU106, TU116 and TU117 based and, surprisingly, a SUPER variation. In any case, not these cards are accessible in each market and a similar rule could apply to GTX 1630.

The data about GTX 1630 has just been accessible for two or three days, however, we have twofold affirmed that it is to be sure arranged.

We don't have the exact specifications of this card yet but based on Videocardz information and what we have managed to learn from our own sources. the card will be positioned against the entry-level Navi 24 lineup and offer performance close to the GeForce GTX 1650. This should be a tad bit faster than the AMD Radeon RX 6400 graphics card. Obviously, you won't get the same performance level as the RTX 3050 which starts at $249 US (MSRP) but it looks like NVIDIA might be considering a $150 US pricing for the new variant considering the GTX 1650 already retails for $190 US.

SOURCE: Videocardz