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Smart Game Booster PRO 5.2.1 License KEY

Smart Game Booster is a simple to-utilize yet effective game enhancement utility, fundamental for any gamer who needs a smoother gaming experience. It helps increment FPS and heighten processor execution for top gaming execution with only a single tick and shows the temperatures of the computer chip and GPU continuously while gaming.
Indeed, even a top-of-the-line gaming framework can be dialled back essentially by the many cycles and administrations that are much of the time running behind the scenes, a considerable lot of which can be crippled securely, briefly.

Brilliant Game Promoter is a clever application that empowers you to play out these improvements with a solitary mouse snap, and afterwards, reestablish the standard setup while the gaming meeting has finished. Furthermore, it permits you to perform different framework changes, as well as screen temps that are framerate in-game.

Splendid Game Supporter Master helps you with achieving a smoother and better gaming experience with a higher FPS rate. It opens the greatest limit of computer processors and GPUs by finishing establishment undertakings and cycles which are trivial while gaming. With just a solitary tick, It clears Smash and startup things to settle the PC decreasing constant mishaps.

This computer game's further develops programming goes with a continuous gear temperature screen. It acts through and through examination of your hard plate, memory, and various contraptions. From the association point, you can enable showing in-game FPS too.

Splendid Game Supporter Expert gives additional structure improvement settings to reduce the game stacking time. These settings will dispense with immaterial system benefits momentarily that could possibly inconvenience stable execution. This consolidates a system cleaner, a game defragmentation module, and a driver updater. Besides, it has a helpful screen recorder gadget that permits you to make progressing communication accounts and take screen catches as well.

This game enhancer instrument features Against contamination and Firewall protection that effectively deters expected risks and safeguards from unapproved developers' entry.

Stop unnecessary background processes easily

While the various Windows and non-Windows services that are usually running in the background do have their purpose, they are often not required while playing games, which means they can be stopped safely to boost your system’s performance.

Normally, you would have to find and disable them manually, which is a tedious and time-consuming task. Smart Game Booster can perform this operation instantly, and then start the processes again when you have finished playing your game.

Customize the boost settings and launch your games in this optimized mode automatically

Less experienced users should find the default configuration to be more than adequate, but it is also possible to specify which processes or services should be disabled, as well as have the application clear your RAM before launching a game.

Speaking of games, it is possible to add them all, whether they are local or web-based. When launching them from the app, the Boost mode is activated automatically. However, it would have been great if you had the option of launching games from the system tray menu.

Optimize your PC intuitively

Certain tweaks can improve your PC’s performance even when you are not playing any games, without any noteworthy side effects. Understandably, though, many users prefer to avoid altering any registry settings manually.

Smart Game Booster can make things easier for you, as it allows you to fine-tune various parameters directly from its intuitive UI, while also offering helpful explanations.

Monitor temps, fan speed and FPS

Gamers should be pleased to learn that this application can record CPU, GPU and motherboard temperatures, and then present this data in the form of a real-time graph.

Moreover, this information can be displayed in-game, along with the current frame rate. A customizable hotkey can be used to toggle the OSD.

On the whole, Smart Game Booster is an intuitive, well-designed optimization utility that can boost your PC’s performance while gaming, as well as help you perform several system tweaks. It is unobtrusive and very easy to use, so gamers who wish to make the most of their resources should definitely give it a try.

PRO features:

  • Overclock PC and improve performance with a single click
  • Automatically boost PC when launching games
  • Automatically update drivers when the system is idle

Download Smart Game Booster :

License KEY :

  • 898A1-EF586-97D6A-279B5
  • 1D23C-997B4-F956D-DF4B5
  • 9ABBF-3A6DD-531CB-5CDB5
  • 3C75E-ABCB5-B8D67-82DB5
  • 65CE1-E8255-38DB2-C6BB5


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