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SyncBack – Free, Lite, SE, Pro, Touch

SyncBack is the product to reinforce, synchronize, and reestablish information records. This reinforcement and synchronization programming is utilized by people, private ventures, and associations all over the world. Like policing, clinics, and government offices.

SyncBack can without much of a stretch reinforce information or synchronize your significant records to another drive, registry, or organization. Exceptionally configurable, however incredibly easy to utilize. Incorporated with Windows Scheduler to computerize reinforcements.

Backing up information with SyncBack is a breeze. Pick what you need reinforcement and where to. Make a timetable. Set it and Forget it. Quick Backup, Threaded File Copying and Parallel File Transfer will guarantee the reinforcement runs as fast as could really be expected.

Clever Synchronization gives you a definitive charge and configurability. You can conclude what SyncBack ought to do in each circumstance, for example, It would be ideal for what to occur assuming a document has changed, or on the other hand if it has been erased, or another record has been made, and so on.

SyncBackSE is the most extensive reinforcement and synchronization utility for home use. With a broad assistance document, online articles, and free help.

SyncBackPro is the most remarkable reinforcement and synchronization utility in its group with help of many Cloud administrations. Upholds FTP, FTPS and SFTP (SyncBackSE doesn't uphold SFTP).

SyncBackPro upholds all significant distributed storage administrations: Amazon S3, Google Drive, Google Storage, Google Photos, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, OneDrive for Business (Office 365), SharePoint (Office 365), Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, OpenStack, Backblaze B2, OVH, Egnyte, hubiC, Citrix ShareFile, pCloud and WebDAV. Equal and Threaded File Transfers upheld.

SyncBack Touch is a cross-stage administration that works with SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE. It gives remote access to a gadget's record framework to perform reinforcement, reestablish and adjust tasks. It works with Windows, OSX (Apple), and Android (Mobile telephones and Devices).

SyncBack Features:

  • Duplicate Locked or Open Files
  • Upholds Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive, Azure, Google Storage, Office 365 (OneDrive for Business and SharePoint), and SugarSync.
  • Quick Backup and Smart Synchronization
  • Reinforcement Emails Stored on a POP3/IMAP4/Exchange Server
  • Forming - Keep Previous Backup Versions
  • Prearranging - Configure How SyncBackPro Runs
  • Strong FTP/SFTP Engine and Encryption
  • Programmed Drive Failure Detection (S.M.A.R.T.)
  • Gradual Backups

Changes in SyncBack (2022-05-04):
  • Updated: Full main window refresh when SyncBack becomes the active window
  • Updated: Compiled using the latest version of Delphi (11.1)
  • Updated: Auto-close will not try to close child windows (will only do that now if “Forcibly close” is enabled)
  • Fixed: The option to not copy NTFS offline files was ignored
  • Fixed: Changes to the Differences window to resolve small DPI issues
  • Fixed (Pro/SE): Under extremely high memory use there may be issues with a 64-bit version
  • Fixed (Pro): May fail to get file details from a cloud (if not uploaded using SyncBackPro)
  • Fixed (Pro): With cloud storage systems that have virtual folders then may not see folders that contain no files
  • Fixed: With threaded FTP uploads, and no safe copy, files in the profile base folder may upload to the FTP root folder
  • Fixed: Do not treat reply 451 as an error when using Chilkat FTP
  • Fixed: Crash when Windows set to forcibly use Bottom-Up ASLR

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