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Abelssoft WashAndGo 23 License KEY Giveaway

WashAndGo 23 cleans up your system and increases the system speed. Your system becomes more stable and faster. The program also removes internet traces, e.g. browser caches, cookies, browser history or unnecessary waste data.

Keep your hard drives spick-and-span with WashAndGo 21. This award-winning app provides an easy means of cleaning your whole system.

WashAndGo is a simple tool that allows you to clean up your computer by deleting unwanted files.

When you first start the program, you must enter your email address to obtain a free unlock code. WashAndGo also offers to back up your existing rubbish files. You may, however, password-protect the tool.

The application's UI is simple and straightforward. So, WashAndGo can remove browser passwords and form values, as well as information from Office files and mail folders (such as Spam).

After WashAndGo has completed an automatic scan operation, you may inspect the type of junk files that it discovered (e.g. *.old, *.tmp, log files, MRU, Windows thumbnail cache and search), utilize a search tool, and delete the junk files from the list. files that you want to keep.
Changing entries within your registry can quickly end in catastrophes if you are not an expert. The SmartClean feature protects you from this by only cleaning and correcting entries that are garbage. None of your working entries will be touched.

You may also erase all security backups and protocols, establish an exclusion list, pick the item categories to clean, and select the removing method (e.g. very slow and very safe, the normal Windows function).

You may also customize the backup behaviour (e.g., maximum file size), tell WashAndGo to ignore open web browsers and operating email clients, build a file format for cleaning protocols, utilize a file shredder, delete apps from your computer, assess disk utilization, and more.

The program consumes a significant amount of system resources, includes a comprehensive help file with screenshots, can take some time to complete a scan and clean job, and did not freeze, crash, or display errors during our tests.

This system optimizer can detect system errors and correct them. Your PC will become more stable. The following errors can be recognized and corrected: defective shortcuts, Windows registry errors, orphaned entries in your recent files folder and wrong uninstall entries in Windows.

WashAndGo 23 Features:
Removes Unnecessary Garbage Files:
  • Unnecessary garbage files
  • Old log and dump files
  • Content of temp folders
  • Prefetch files and unnecessary setup cache files
  • Unused backup files of service pack installations
  • Content of own temp folders
  • Dozens of additional cleaning gadgets
Corrects System Errors:
  • Defective shortcuts
  • Windows Registry errors
  • Orphaned entries of your Recent-Files folder
  • Wrong uninstall entries in Windows
Removes Traces:
  • Emptying your browser cache
  • Removal of so-called Internet Cookies
  • Cleaning of your web history
  • Removal of Microsoft traces
  • Cleaning of over 100 different Windows applications
Safety First:

WashAndGo 23 will only suggest the removal of a file or entry if it can be almost 100% certain that it is unnecessary and may be safely deleted. Just in case a problem might arise, WashAndGo does create a security backup which allows you to undo any and all changes for 7 days after cleaning.

Automatic Cleanup:

The program can clean your computer automatically. You can schedule when to clean your System in the background.

Language Support: English, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, & More…

Operating System: Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 8.1 / 7

DOWNLOAD WashAndGo Giveaway Version Lifetime:

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