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Wise Hotkey Pro 1.2.8 License KEY Lifetime Giveaway

Insightful Hotkey is a valuable program that can assist you with working on the proficiency of utilizing the PC. Additionally, it assists you with rapidly sending off or immediately switching your applications, document envelopes, or site joins with alternate way keys.

Rather than utilizing the mouse to perform most errands in Windows, you ought to change to utilizing console alternate routes to make activities quicker and save time. Insightful Hotkey Pro is a straightforward application launcher and switcher program for Windows that can assist you with rapidly beginning or switching any application, organizer, or site by utilizing console alternate ways.

With its assistance, you can redo your own alternate way keys by squeezing a composite key to set a hotkey as per your need. This great device gives the capacity to make two arrangements of console easy routes - nine with the [Ctrl] key and one more nine in the mix with the [Alt] work key. Besides the fact that embed every now and again utilized can applications like Chrome, Edge, the uninstall programming, and so forth yet additionally can enter organizers including Documents, Download, Control Panel, and that's just the beginning or any of your number one URLs.

What is Wise Hotkey Pro? 

Wise Hotkey Pro is an app launcher and a switcher application for Windows. It is an easy-to-use solution which helps the user to enhance the efficiency of their PC. The productivity software allows users to instantly switch between any software, website, or folder by simply using keyboard shortcuts. This utility software helps users to maximize their productivity by “Hot keying” the file and browser directories they use regularly. It saves time from searching for files through the cursor and mouse click. 

Wise Hotkey Pro not only helps with opening files but also helps users create shortcuts to navigate amongst different applications. A video editor can easily create keyboard shortcuts to surf between file folders and their video editing software for easy working. This utility software tool provides the user with greater control over the PC keyboard. 

Key Features:

  • Fast send off any application, envelope or site
  • Speedy switch between various applications
  • Modify your own console alternate route
  • Speedy send off any application, envelope or site
  • The vitally planned mission for Wise Hotkey Pro is to assist clients with sending off the applications/envelopes/sites by console alternate ways to save time.
  • Speedy switch between various applications
  • Utilizing Wise Hotkey Pro, you are permitted to set up console-based easy routes to change to a specific application easily.
  • Alter your own console easy route
  • The following solid mark of Wise Hotkey Pro is the capacity to tweak your own alternate way key. You can undoubtedly make your customized alternate routes as per your own console activity propensities.


  • This is a 1-computer lifetime license for v1.2.8
  • Non-commercial usage
  • No free update
  • You get free tech support

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista, Windows XP


  • Full version (v1.2.8, updated: May 21, 2022)


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