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AdGuard 7.9 For Windows & Mac Free 6 Months Giveaway

AdGuard is a successful Ad blocker and web channel that ensures a lot more secure and more agreeable web insight for clients.

AdGuard for Windows is intended to channel and impede Ads on sites that you are visiting. These are can be popup windows, standards, video promotions, online advisors, information exchange structures, and so forth. It does the sifting system behind the scenes and you will see just clean pages on the internet browser. Likewise, this device safeguards you from possibly perilous phishing sites and malvertising.

AdGuard is included with a strong security insurance safeguard. It screens your framework and blocks trackers, and outsider treats that government operative on you. If necessary, it permits you to peruse secretly by concealing your IP address. Besides, this program incorporates a devoted module to safeguard your own information on the PC.

Aside from Ad hindering and online information security, this Ad blocker program accompanies a parental controls module that safeguards youngsters' web-based exercises. At the point when your children utilize the PC, it channels the indexed lists and eliminates improper materials before showing them to kids. Besides, It totally obstructs admittance to grown-up sites.

Because of unnoticeable foundation separating and restorative handling, all you will see are spotless pages with the substance you came for.

Safe web surfing

Insurance from phishing and dangerous sites and malvertising (noxious promotions). AdGuard checks each page against our data set for any pernicious substance and blocks demands from possibly risky ones.

Security insurance

AdGuard battles against all trackers and scientific frameworks that covert agents on you. The program hinders outsider treats, can conceal your IP address and gives a wealth of different highlights to safeguard your own information.

Parental control

AdGuard safeguards your youngsters on the web. It blocks admittance to improper sites, eliminates disgusting materials from indexed lists, and furnishes guardians with an adjustable blocklist to tailor the most secure web insight for their children.

Safeguard your information

All that on the web these days attempts to take your information. AdGuard has a committed module to keep that from occurring.

Camouflage yourself on the web

Rather than basically concealing your web-based profile, you can transform it to show up as another person and peruse it secretly.

Effective promotion impeding

How to eliminate advertisements on Mac? AdGuard adblocker is the response. Pop-ups, video adverts, pennants and such - they will all disappear. Because of unnoticeable foundation sifting and restorative handling, all you will see are perfect pages with the substance you came for.

AdGuard Features at a Glance

  • Block all kinds of ads on websites
  • Block ads on Windows apps
  • Protect against phishing attacks and malicious ads
  • Block online trackers
  • Hiding your online identity
  • Protection against data-stealing

Download Link:

AdGuard ForWindows Online Installer
Download AdGuard ForMac

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The AdGuard License Key will be applied automatically in the background.


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