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Pirate Tor Browser 0.8 (11.0.14)

PirateBrowser permits you to dodge oversight that specific nations force onto their residents like Iran, North Korea, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Ireland.

Pirate Tor Browser is a group bundle of the Tor client and Firefox Portable program and custom configs that permit you to bypass restrictions.

Pirate Tor Browser is a group bundle of the Tor client and Firefox Portable program and custom configs that permit you to dodge control.

Privateer Tor Browser is a group bundle of the Tor client (Vidalia) and Firefox Portable program (with foxy proxy addon) and some custom configs that permits you to evade oversight that specific nations like Iran, North Korea, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy, and Ireland force onto their residents.

Join the Tor client with a convenient rendition of Mozilla Firefox and you get PirateBrowser, an effective arrangement if you are searching for the necessary resources to peruse the Internet and visit confined sites.

Privateer Browser isn't a TOR program, consequently, it doesn't concede your namelessness while on the Internet. It does, notwithstanding, make it conceivable to abrogate restrictions set in nations like North Korea, the United Kingdom, Iran, Belgium, and Denmark.

There is no complicated establishment interaction to go through. PirateBrowser is prepared to pursue promptly its records are separated.

Interface-wise, PirateBrowser is a compact variant of Firefox. Down to the last GUI square centimetre, it's something similar. The main distinction between the two programs is that when you start PirateBrowser you have the Bookmarks toolbar loaded with downpour locales. Thus, if those work with next to no limitations, any reasonable person would agree that PirateBrowser goes about its business. In any case, you truly do need to test it to see with your own eyes.

PirateBrowser additionally accompanies the FoxyProxy expansion introduced. It will naturally switch an Internet association across a large number of intermediary servers utilizing URL designs. This makes it conceivable to course around the obstructed sites.

A device that PirateBrowser is reliant upon is Vidalia, a cross-stage GUI for Tor. It adds a framework plate symbol that you can use to get to every one of its highlights and run the Tor administration, sees a transmission capacity chart and makes another perusing personality.

Since PirateBrowser makes no changes to Mozilla FIrefox's centre, the perusing experience is similarly great. Given you have a decent Internet association, the pages load immediately.

However demonstrating simple admittance to deluge gateways is a problematic matter, PirateBrowser likewise offers you the likelihood to appreciate perusing the Internet as it is expected, without content limitation.

Does it make me surf the net secretly?

No, while it utilizes Tor organization, which is intended for unknown surfing, this program is planned just to bypass oversight - - - as far as possible on getting to sites your administration doesn't believe that you should be aware of.

Does this contain any infections or trojans?

There have been no alterations to any of the bundles utilized, no adware, trojans, toolbars, and so forth. This is essentially an instrument to assist individuals with getting around oversight.

Size: 109 MB

DOWNLOAD Pirate Tor Browser 0.8 (11.0.14)


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