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TweakNow WinSecret Plus 3.9.3 for Windows 10 & 11

TweakNow WinSecret for Windows 10 lets you securely and effectively investigate Windows 10 secret settings and further develop your Windows 10 experience.
This TweakNow program has assembled the most famous Windows 10 library settings and gives them to you in a simple and safe UI.
As a long-term Microsoft Windows client, you could have caught wind of the library. The library is a unique record in your hard plate that hold the vast majority of the Windows settings information.

This Tweak Now application allows you to move the Windows taskbar to the top or change the taskbar size. You can without much of a stretch do those undertakings by essentially altering the library's esteem. Sadly, the Windows vault is definitely not a cordial spot for a great many people.

Changing an off-base worth in the library might cause a capricious issue for your Windows. For this reason, beginner clients shouldn't alter library esteems straightforwardly by utilizing a vault supervisor without help from anyone else.
TweakNow WinSecret for Windows 10 Features:
  • Move the taskbar to the left, Top, or Right
  • Change app switch behaviour
  • Make the Windows taskbar transparent
  • Enable or disable personalised ads using an advertising ID
  • Show accent colour on title bars and windows borders
  • Change menu shows delay value
  • And much more ……
Figure out which files or folders who taking up your hard drive space

Within a year or two, most parts of your hard disk become full so quickly of a large number of photos, videos, music, applications, and games collections.

This should not be a problem if you can keep your files organized. When you’re running low on disk space simply move those multimedia and games collections to an external drive and you’re done. But most people tend to store files in random folders. That ma makes finding the files' location would be a tiresome task and time-consuming. The Folder Size Analyzer tool can help you quickly locate all large files and folders' locations.

Find and remove duplicate files

Sometimes people unintentionally create duplicate copies of photos, music, and video files and put those files in random folders. After a time, the duplicate files will grow significantly in numbers and start taking up a large amount of space in the hard drive.

Trying to get rid of duplicate files manually surely is not a good idea. Checking a large number of folders to find duplicate files will be a very tedious and time-consuming task. Using the Find Duplicates tool you can quickly find duplicate files with a single click.

Completely and securely delete the sensitive files from your hard drive

When Windows delete a file (empty recycle bin), Windows is not actually removing the file’s data from the disk. For efficiency reasons, it simply marks the location of the file as deleted and makes that location available to be overwritten in the future. The problem is while waiting to be overwritten the data is still sitting on the hard drive, and file-recovery tools can find the data and recover the file.

The secure Delete module does not only delete the file. It also automatically writes random data to the file’s location to make the file impossible to recover by file-recovery tools.

Show detailed information about your system

System Information gives you detailed information about your hardware, software and operating system. The information is compiled in 6 modules: Windows, Special Folders, Environment Variables, Startup Items, Windows Services, Task Scheduler, Audio & Video Codec

What’s New in TweakNow WinSecret Plus 1.5.0 for Windows 10 :
  • Added feature to clean Windows Log Files (Miscellaneous Tools-> TrackCleaner)
  • Added feature to clean Windows Error Reporting (Miscellaneous Tools-> TrackCleaner)
  • Added feature to clean Network Data Usage (Miscellaneous Tools-> TrackCleaner)
  • Added feature to clean Windows Temporary Files (Miscellaneous Tools-> TrackCleaner)
  • Added feature to clean Windows Temporary Files (Miscellaneous Tools-> TrackCleaner)
  • Enable or disable Cortana service (Windows Secret-> Others)
  • Display the precise time down to the second in Taskbar Clock (Windows Secret-> Taskbar)

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