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SolarWinds DameWare Remote Support

DameWare Remote Support 12 (DRS) (previously DameWare NT Utilities) allows you to oversee servers, journals and PCs from a distance so you can rapidly uphold end clients.

It incorporates a work area controller and the capacity to finish Windows Administration errands somewhat right from the DameWare Remote Support Console!

With DRS, you can interface with a PC and control the work area as though you were genuinely sitting at the console. You can play out any activity remotely including introducing programming and drivers, changing setup settings, and investigating issues.

With DameWare Remote Support 12 you can determine numerous Windows issues without assuming remote command over the PC. DRS allows you to oversee and direct Windows PCs from a distance from a solitary control centre.

likewise, this remote program allows you to oversee and refresh Microsoft Active Directory. You can add, erase and refresh items like Organizational Units (OUs), Containers, Users, Groups and Computers. It likewise upholds overseeing expanded characteristics like photograph, logo and worker ID.

  • Investigate end-client issues utilizing a controller
  • Remotely oversee and control Windows PCs
  • Update and keep up with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Stock and product server and PC setups

DameWare Remote Support permits you to send out data from Windows PCs from a distance. You can trade data about circle drives, printers, administrations, network offers, programming and substantially more. All data is accessible in like manner designs including XML and CSV.

DameWare Remote Support 12 Key Features:

  • Remotely reboot servers and scratchpad
  • Begin and stop Windows Services
  • Clear and view Windows Event Logs
  • Duplicate and erase documents on far-off PCs
  • Oversee Windows Active Directory
  • Assume full command over the end-client's work area in a single tick
  • Visit with the end client as you investigate issues
  • Take screen captures of far-off work areas
  • Consequently, introduce specialists as you really want them
  • Remote Support Software that is not difficult to utilize

The following security improvements are included in Dameware 12.2.3.

  • Default credentials have been removed from Dameware Central Server and Mobile Gateway. New users are prompted to enter credentials during installation, and existing users are prompted to change their credentials when they first log on.
  • SQLite and zlib libraries have been updated to the most recent versions.
  • Legacy Windows Event Logging API has been replaced with the most recent version.

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