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Explorer Commander is a two or four-board record chief programming. It empowers a basic piece of Windows working frameworks, specifically File Explorer to work much the same way as expert document supervisor programs while holding the upsides of File Explorer.

A benefit of Microsoft File Explorer is that it is a basic piece of Windows, so it gives proficient admittance to the record framework and the parts of introduced programs that are incorporated into the framework. Its principal detriment is that it doesn't uphold multi-board mode. As a workaround, you can open different File Explorer windows, however, this strategy is likewise ungainly.

Explorer Commander offers a multi-board development for Windows Explorer. The application was made utilizing the first explorer.exe process. This cycle performs different assignments, for example, Windows shell, File Explorer, and so forth. These undertakings should be performed by individual cycles. They were likely integrated into a solitary consolidated process because of similarity reasons.

Elements of Explorer Commander:

  • Two-or four-board format
  • Level or vertical design if there should arise an occurrence of two-board mode
  • Empowers to set the presentation extent of boards
  • The spot of boards can be traded
  • Empowers the substance of boards to open in File Explorer
  • When begun, it opens with the libraries which compare to the last exit or the saved state
  • It upholds dull/light subjects under Windows 10
  • It can likewise run behind the scenes
  • Doesn't need establishment
  • Allowed to utilize

Changes in Explorer Commander (2022-04-05):

  • Add: 10/90 and 90/10 extents
  • Add: "View - Refresh" menu alternate route
  • Add: "Extents - Default and Refresh" menu

Upheld Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


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