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Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 23.00 (

Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro guarantees total security for your workstations and work areas without intruding on or dialling back your framework. With its essential connection point and best infection insurance innovation, gives assurance against vindictive dangers when you are perusing the Internet, actually looking at sends, internet banking, internet shopping, visiting and messing around on the web, and so forth.

Upon establishment, Quick Heal Antivirus Pro goes about as a safeguard against infections, worms, trojans, spyware and other vindictive dangers. The constant cloud security limits admittance to malware-contaminated sites. Spam channels quit phishing and tainted messages from coming to your inbox. Continuous PC use and review without prompts.

The product is extremely falling short on asset utilization while as yet giving expanded security without influencing the exhibition of your PC.

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Features:
  • Core Protection. The intelligent antivirus engine effectively detects and resolves threats (viruses, worms and other malware). The additional features like AntiSpyware, AntiMalware, AntiRootkit, Silent Firewall and IDS/IPS provide all round virus protection.
  • Firewall. Blocks external threats that try to reach your computer over the Internet. It also blocks threats that may arise within networks connected to your system. Allows you to configure protection for incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. Quick Heal’s enhanced Firewall lets you set a Firewall profile for network connections., such as ‘Home’, ‘Work’, ‘Public’ or ‘Restricted’. It also includes Stealth Mode which makes it difficult for hackers to trace your system.
  • Advanced DNAScan. The ingenious Quick Heal DNAScan technology is now enhanced to combine behavioural and characteristic inspection and monitoring of unsafe programs. This results in a clean, more up-to-date and accurate detection of threats.
  • Improved Scan Engine. The revamped antivirus scan engine avoids rescanning files that have not been altered since the previous scan. This reduces system resource usage.
  • Web Protection. Real-time cloud security restricts access to malware-infected websites. This feature gives internet security protection by blocking threats transferred through websites hosting malicious codes.
  • Browser Sandbox. Running your web browser in Sandbox Browser gives you an uninterrupted and secure browsing experience. It provides internet security protection by acting like a screen between the PC’s operating system and malicious threats. This feature now comes with USB drive support.
  • Import and Export Settings. Users can now import Quick Heal security settings from a single computer and export them to other computers. This is helpful in cases where reinstallations or multiple computer configurations are concerned.
More Features:
  • USB Drive Protection. The best antivirus automatically scans external storage devices. Protects USB drives from autorun infections.
  • Email Security. Cloud-based email security prevents phishing and infected emails from reaching your Inbox.
  • Safe Mode Protection. This facility stops unauthorized users from changing Quick Heal security settings when the system is running on Safe Mode.
  • Enhanced Self-Protection. The Self-protection feature now protects Quick Heal’s running processes and services.
  • Silent Mode. Suppresses prompts across all Quick Heal antivirus modules, reducing system load and allowing uninterrupted PC usage.
  • Stay Connected. Users now have direct access to our Facebook and Twitter pages with just a click.
  • TrackMyLaptop. Lost or stolen laptops can be a huge liability to your privacy. Quick Heal TrackMyLaptop Service helps track the whereabouts of your lost or stolen laptop. The service is a social initiative that comes with every desktop product of Quick Heal at no extra cost.

Kindly note that Quick Heal users have to register their Quick Heal Product License key at the TrackMyLaptop portal to avail of this facility. Non-Quick Heal users have to register their Laptop’s MAC ID. To know more, visit –


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