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TrustViewer 2.9.1 Build 4216

TrustViewer permits you to rapidly make a remote admittance to the work area, share records or settle on a video decision. The application has a little size and doesn't need establishment or enrollment. Also, the application runs on a PC with negligible client privileges. It is protected, simple and helpful to utilize.

TrustViewer program has been explicitly intended for functional help for clients through the Internet. The client needs to download the application, run it, select the entrance mode to a PC and tell the meeting ID to the help administration.

TrustViewer Features:

TrustViewer doesn't need to set the firewall or intermediary. Furthermore, it is consequently refreshed on the off chance that the help is utilizing a fresher form.

TrustViewer upholds work in nearby organizations and Internet - networks IPv4/IPv6. As an application convention, it utilizes HTTP/HTTPS. What's more, assuming that is vital it utilizes API WinInet to naturally interface with the intermediary with Kerberos/NTLM approval.

Association between PC members, if conceivable, it straightforwardly interfaces "highlight point" with the negligible fascination of the Internet - servers (crossover p2p - network).

Secure association between PCs is given by cryptographic conventions SSL/TLS and their analogues given RSA, AES and MD5. The program, as well as all updates (full and steady), is safeguarded by computerized marks.

Likewise is accessible for download free concentrated intermediary server "TrustServer", endorsed for establishment on servers with working frameworks Windows and Linux. That permits client applications in corporate organizations to acknowledge approaching Internet associations.

TrustServer can be introduced on a public Internet server in mode HTTP-intermediary, and on the neighbourhood server of an association in mode socks5-intermediary, additionally, in the last option case, an extra design of the client applications isn't needed - the server will be distinguished naturally.

Likewise, a programmed association of client applications to the public Internet server is additionally conceivable. It is sufficient to design and run TrustServer in the method of outpouring the server on the neighbourhood server of the association (utilized exclusively for programmed setting, all traffic will be steered through the parent server).

Changes in TrustViewer 2.8.0 (build 4124) (July 10, 2022)
  • Added session log in CSV format.
  • Added the ability to import user accounts from CSV files.
  • Correction of errors and shortcomings.


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