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WinContig – Freeware Defragmenter

WinContig is a simple to-utilize independent executable defragmenter. It makes no establishment indexes or Registry passages on your PC.

Its motivation is to fast defragment documents without the need to defragment the entire circle. Furthermore, WinContig permits you to bunch records and organizers into profiles for handling them later.

WinContig upholds FAT32 and NTFS record frameworks and it works with Hard Disks and SSDs.

Most defragmentation instruments play out the overall defragmentation of a whole segment. In a genuine situation, you frequently need to defragment a solitary document or a catalogue, for instance, to further develop the stacking velocity of a program record, or to decrease the stacking season of a specific plate concentrated application like a game.

WinContig has been planned explicitly to address the issues of clients who centre chiefly around records and organizers instead of a whole plate.

Its capacity to channel documents by a few rules joined with its capacity to be controlled using order line switches, makes WinContig the ideal device to defragment specific records that are habitually utilized and ceaselessly becoming divided.

To begin utilizing it, simply separate the items in the ZIP chronicle to any organizer you like, and run it. Its defragmentation and examination motor depends on the standard Microsoft defragmentation API.

The WinContig upholds two distinct defragmentation strategies:

If you pick the Quick strategy, WinContig searches for the main measure of free space sufficiently huge to defragment a document into and utilizes it. Utilize this defragmentation strategy on the off chance that you use devices like Windows Defrag to defragment your hard circle consistently.

Assuming that you pick the Smart technique, the program searches for how much free space that best squeezes a record into promotion utilizes it. Likewise, assuming there is no free space sufficiently huge to completely defragment a document into, WinContig attempts to decrease the number of pieces of that record.

This application is delivered as freeware for individual and business use.

What’s new in WinContig
  • Added Dark mode support. When Dark Mode is enabled in the system settings, WinContig will use a Dark mode-themed user interface.
  • Added the ability to choose into which zone of a disk the files should be placed (fast disk access zone, slow disk access zone, user-defined disk zone).
  • Added the ability to choose the default action when an item is double-clicked in the upper pane.
  • Added the ability to choose the default action when a file is double-clicked in the Fragmented files tab.
  • Added the ability to suppress the warning dialogue box when opening a profile containing missing items.
  • Added a new column to the items list displaying the percentage of the internal fragmentation of a file.
  • Added a new column to the fragmented file list displaying the percentage of the internal fragmentation of a file.
  • WinContig may not correctly load a profile during startup if the profile is stored in a path containing the ‘&’ char. Fixed. Many thanks to PlateauRealm who pointed it out.
  • In some rare circumstances, WinContig may crash during startup on some Windows 10 environments. Fixed. Many thanks to Vangelis Lekkas who pointed it out.
  • Some minor graphic improvements.

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