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Donemax DMclone LICENSE KEY For Windows & Mac

Donemax DMclone is an effective plate drive cloning programming to safely clone information starting with one hard drive and then onto the next, duplicate information and update circles.

Donemax DMclone for Windows assists you with effectively cloning any kind of hard plate drive or other removable stockpiling gadgets to another area. recover hard drive It upholds a scope of gadgets including Hard Disk Drives, SSDs, USB streak drives, memory cards, RAID, and so on. recover data from external hard drive recover external hard drive

This instrument can be extremely helpful when you update the hard drive on your PC. It can move every one of the information to the new hard drive without reinstalling Windows OS.

Donemax DMclone for Windows accompanies two cloning modes

Clone a hard drive parcel to another hard drive segment (or outside stockpiling gadget).

Or on the other hand

Clone information from outside capacity gadgets to your hard drive parcel.

Clone the whole hard plate drive to another hard drive (or outside stockpiling gadget).

Or then again

Clone information from outside capacity gadgets to your hard plate drive.

Notwithstanding information cloning, this device offers information reinforcement capability that permits you to make a full reinforcement of the hard drive and save it on an outer drive (as calamity recuperation to forestall information misfortunes)

Supported File Systems: NTFS, NTFS+, exFAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4

100% clone data from one hard drive to another

Safe, powerful and easy-to-use disk cloning software to help you easily clone hard drives, copy data and upgrade disks.

The Features of Donemax DMclone for Windows

  • Segment Clone Mode
  • Circle Cloning Mode
  • Effectively redesign your hard drive
  • Simple information reinforcement programming
  • Safely supplant the old circle with SSD
  • Dependable circle cloning arrangement

Proficient Disk Cloning Software

DMclone for Windows is one of the most incredible circles of cloning programming. It can help you safely and effectively clone HDD, SSD, memory card, USB streak drive, and so on starting with one area and then onto the next. You likewise can utilize it to assist you with updating an old hard drive to another one without reinstalling Windows OS.

Partition Clone Mode

The partition-level disk cloning mode. Clone a hard drive partition to a new hard drive partition or device or clone data from an external device to your hard drive partition.

Disk Cloning Mode

The disk-level disk cloning mode. This mode can help you easily clone an entire hard disk drive to another hard disk drive or an external device or clone data from an external device to your hard disk drive.

Why Do You Need DMclone for Windows?

DMclone for Windows is 100% safe disk cloning software. It supports clones of any type of hard disk drive or removable storage device.

Reliable Disk Cloning Solution

Easily migrate your documents, Windows operating system and applications to another hard drive without any data loss.

Easy Data Backup Software

Make a complete backup of the hard drive, USB flash drive or memory card to prevent data loss.

Easily Upgrade Your Hard Drive

Are you running out of disk space? DMclone for Windows provides an efficient way to upgrade your hard drive without much time-consuming job.

Securely Replace Old Disk with SSD

Looking for a simple way of speed boot? Upgrading HDD to SSD is one of the easiest ways. DMclone can smoothly replace the HDD with an SSD.

Supported OS: macOS 10.7 – 10.15
Supported OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Server












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