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HTTP File Server 0.26.2/ 2.4.0 RC7/ 2.3m Build 300

HTTP File Server (HFS) is a simple to utilize simplified record server for individual document sharing. You can utilize HFS (HTTP File Server) to send and get records.

It's not the same as exemplary record sharing since it utilizes web innovation to be more viable with the present Internet. Access your remote documents, over the organization.

It runs as an independent executable and requires no establishment. The program is exceptionally simple to utilize, drag a record into it to impart it to the world.

You can redo the port it is running on, and determine the IP address and screen associations from the plate symbol. HFS presents the common documents on a straightforward HTML page, that incorporates the record name and size.

HTTP Server can likewise coordinate with Windows Explorer, permitting you to share documents from the right-click menu without any problem. With some HTML information, you can totally modify the HTML format to meet your inclination. It has been effectively tried with Wine under Linux.

HFS – HTTP File Server Features:
  • Download and upload
  • Virtual file system
  • Highly customizable
  • HTML template
  • Bandwidth control
  • Easy/Expert mode
  • Log
  • Full control over connections
  • Accounts
  • Dynamic DNS updater
HTTP File Server version 0.26.0 is a full rewrite of the Delphi version

  • Its server software, shares files fresh from your disk. Don’t rely on services, be independent!
  • It’s all very fast. Try downloading zipping 100 GB, it starts immediately!
  • Easy to use. HFS tries to detect problems and suggest solutions.
  • Share even a single file with our virtual file system, even with a different name, all without touching the real file. Present things the way you want!
  • Watch all activities in real time.
  • Control bandwidth, and decide how much to give.

Changes in HTTP File Server 2.4:
  • [NEW] new default template
  • [NEW] {.set item|name.}
  • [NEW] cache for jquery and template sections
  • [FIX] fixed template handling of section names with both ‘+’ and ‘=’ present
  • [FIX] fixed LNK files to deleted items
  • [FIX] fixed comments files were not updated upon deletion of files


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