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Logitech MX Master 3S Review - The New Perfect Productivity Mouse ?

The Logitech MX Master line of mice has been a go-to choice for some. That comes down to the most recent rendition of that mouse to satisfy. The stakes are particularly high since there are rookies like the Razer Pro Click that are trying to oust it.

The Logitech MX Master 3S doesn't veer off excessively far from its equation in its endeavour to keep the crown. On the off chance that you as of now have and cherish the MX Master 3, there isn't sufficient here to merit an overhaul. Yet, Logitech has made a few more modest changes that modernize the plan and keep its leader mouse in its prime as the best remote mouse you can purchase.

Logitech MX Master 3S - Wireless Performance Mouse with Ultra-quick Scrolling, Ergo, 8K DPI, Track on Glass, Quiet Clicks, USB-C, Bluetooth, Windows, Linux, Chrome - Graphite

Design and comfort 

I came from the PC gaming world, so when I got the MX Master 3S via the post office, it helped me promptly to remember a closed-up variant of the Logitech G502. It sheds the additional side buttons for a side looking over the wheel while keeping the thumb rest.

Yet, if you've seen the MX Master 3, you've seen the 3S. It's almost indistinguishable with regards to plan and feel. That is not something terrible, by any means. The furrowed thumb rest gives simply a smidgen of interest, and there's barely sufficient chrome in the parchment wheels to make it stick out. The white rendition that I explored is totally moderate and would squeeze into pretty much any office setting easily.

Simply don't anticipate a significant purge or revive here if you're coming from more seasoned models in the line. In any case, as somebody with restricted insight into the ancestor, I had the option to see the value in the MX Master 3S' way to deal with ergonomics and plan with an open-minded perspective. Ideally, that will help those of you who are new to the line or to very good quality remote mice overall.

The MX Master 3S shell is covered in an elastic completion, one of only a handful of exceptional negative things I need to say regarding this mouse. The white paint on the mouse draws in soil like a magnet and I'm a spotless individual — I guarantee! I'm certain isopropyl liquor would tidy it up alright.

At the point when I previously laid my hand on the mouse, I quickly felt like Logitech planned it considering me. I have exceptionally huge hands, however, the width of the mouse (84.3mm) is ideal for me, making it a delight to use over significant stretches of work. Moreover, the ergonomics of the thumb rest have pondered the strength of my hands.

In the not-so-distant past, I experienced a quite terrible hand injury, which expects me to utilize an upward mouse every so often to forestall torment pizazz ups. In any case, the MX Master 3S feels undeniably more agreeable, and my hand hasn't been harmed by any means since I began utilizing it. Hell, I'm certain about saying the most agreeable mouse I've at any point utilized.

Buttons and switches

The Logitech MX Master 3S is not normal for some other mice I've utilized previously and that is for one explanation: the side parchment wheel tracked down over the back and forward buttons for your thumb. It tends to be remapped, however, its default setting is even looking over — and I love it. I work in ability securing during the daytime, so I'm continuously filtering through Excel bookkeeping sheets, which can be gigantic.

Notwithstanding, the MX Master 3S' side parchment wheel permitted me to filter through the calculation sheets rapidly, and I wish more mice had this component. What's more, the customary parchment can skim beyond 1,000 lines for every second on account of Logitech's MagSpeed Electromagnetic looking over innovation and can turn all alone or indented. It's a gigantic shelter to efficiency.

There's likewise a signal button that is implanted inside the thumb rest itself. This one is less useful as far as I can tell. It seems a piece like squeezing the speed-up button on a treadmill. The signals heated into the MX Master permit you to actuate the beginning menu by squeezing the motion button and pushing the mouse forward. By and by, I view the signals as excessive, however, they are there and can be remapped through Logitech Options.

The switches on the MX Master 3S you'd anticipate from an efficiency mouse: quiet. While the switches are quiet, the snaps never felt soft or unsavoury to utilize and I'm certain my colleagues are more joyful, as well. The Quick Click switches are really one of only a handful of exceptional new highlights of the MX Master 3S — and keeping in mind that I can affirm how calm they are, I didn't have the MX Master 3 close by to do an immediate examination.


The sensor within the MX Master 3S is Logitech’s own Darkfield high precision and works very well, even without a mouse pad. There isn’t anything bad about this sensor, as it can reach 8,000 DPI, which is respectable for a non-gaming mouse. That’s up from the 4,000 on the previous model.

Coming from the world of gaming mice, though, the MX Master 3S’ weight of 141 grams felt heavy at first, especially with the mediocre skates underneath. Because this is a Logitech mouse with a good DPI and sensor (and because, why not?), I wanted to test it out in a game. Call of Duty: Vanguard finally got a round-based zombies mode, so I knew I needed to give it a shot with the MX Master 3S in hand.

As I thought it would be, this mouse is too heavy and the switches feel bleak when gaming. However, it wasn’t unusable and I got to round 37, which is decent for me. I even managed to find a sweet spot of 1,600 DPI, and the DPI can be adjusted in increments of 50. So, unless you use a DPI over 8,000, you’ll be fine. Obviously, this isn’t intended for the sole purpose of gaming, but it’s good to know for those who might want to use it for some gaming on the side.

The MX Master 3S is likewise a champion in battery duration. At the point when we looked into the Razer Pro Click, we were intrigued by its 16-day battery duration. Be that as it may, Logitech has dropped the mic and touched on Razer by giving the MX Master 3S a 500mAh battery, which will most recent 70 days.

That 70-day battery duration is when completely energized, however significantly more astonishingly, only one moment of charging can allow you three hours of utilization. Truly, the battery on this mouse does an amazing job; I use it strictly working, and I don't for even a moment trouble carrying the USB-C link to accuse me any longer. It's to the place where I would've been fine with 35 days of battery duration assuming that that implied a couple of grams less weight.

The Logitech MX Master 3S is fabulous and is without a doubt the most agreeable mouse I have at any point utilized. I wish it was a touch lighter, sure, and that the white model didn't get soil with such ease. In any case, if you're on the lookout for a tolerably estimated efficiency mouse, you can't turn out badly.

Are there options?

To some degree. The MX Master 3 can in some cases a tad less expensive, and there are just slight contrasts between the two. If you track down it at a rebate, there's little motivation to not get it.

Another choice is the Razer Pro Click, which faces the Master, yet comes up short on side-looking over haggle still $100.

How long will it last?
Logitech's item page for the MX Master 3S guarantees one year. I can ensure it'll endure way longer, yet the elastic covering may not. I keep the MX Master 3S in my rucksack with me, as I carry it to work consistently, and after various long stretches of purpose and floundering around in my sack, it's still all set.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Indeed. The Logitech MX Master 3S is the ideal mouse for efficiency, particularly for those utilizing Excel bookkeeping sheets.