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O&O MediaRecovery 14.1 Build 137

O&O MediaRecovery rescues deleted multi-media documents misplaced thru a virus attack, software crash or without a doubt thru an urgent incorrect button. It can repair deleted pictures, videos and track records with simply the frenzy of a button!

O&O MediaRecovery can get better-deleted pix that captured valuable moments. For example, out of your vacation, of your wedding, or the primary snapshots of your children. If the irreplaceable reminiscences are deleted now do not have to intend they're misplaced forever.

This O&O software also can get better your preferred songs and videos, clearly and securely, all with only some clicks of the mouse!

Accidentally deleted multi-media files, inclusive of images or music, you may get better at once from virtual cameras, reminiscence playing cards and USB Sticks. They ought to clearly be supported through Windows as a drive.

O&O MediaRecovery recovers records from detachable drives. Such as MP3 players, virtual cameras, reminiscence playing cards (e.g., SD, MMC, xD as properly others), and difficult disks. And, of course, gadgets inclusive of the Apple iPod. Simply defloration O&O MediaRecovery to your PC and join the garage extent that you want to get better records. After this system starts, the wizard courses you little by little thru the healing process. So that you may fast regain get entry to your misplaced records.

O&O MediaRecovery combines the effective seek approaches of the extremely a success records healing merchandise O&O DiskRecovery and O&O UnErase. These seek algorithms observe one-of-a-kind technology to discover records in almost all scenarios. And may be used collectively or individually.

O&O MediaRecovery 14 Features:
  • A quick scan for files, even on very large storage volumes
  • Preview of files before data restoration
  • Enhanced wizard for search and restoration
  • Recognizes and restores over 80 File types (all standard graphic, video, and music formats)
  • Recovers data on storage volumes whose files have been damaged or destroyed by malfunctioning software
  • Supports all Windows-compatible hard disks, removable drives, memory cards, USB Sticks, CompactFlash, and most digital cameras
Preview Function

After completion of a scanning process, you can view the files that are capable of being restored. The preview function of O&O MediaRecovery supports most picture formats, including JPEG, BMP, and TIF. The fact that a preview is not available for some files does not rule out the chance for a successful and flawless restoration of those files.

Integrated Data images

Data images created by O&O DiskImage are also included in the data rescue processes. To prevent data loss through defective hardware, a forensic image can be created using the separately available O&O DiskImage. This comprehensive image also saves the (assumed) free disk space. So that full data recovery can be carried out later without touching the original hardware.

What’s New in O&O MediaRecovery 14:
  • NEW: File and file type signatures updated;
  • NEW: Search and recovery Algorithm;
  • Enhanced: Recovering data from defective volumes;
  • Enhanced: Recovery of Metadata
  • and much more besides!

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