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PicPick 6.3.1

PicPick is easy to understand and loaded with highlights for making your picture, reasonable for programming engineers, visual fashioners and the home client. An across-the-board program gives an unlocked screen catch device, instinctive picture proofreader, variety picker, variety range, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair and even whiteboard. It has all that you really want, yet it stacks quick and sits unobtrusively in the framework plate until required.

This product is given as freeware to individuals to utilize as it were. For this situation, you have conceded the option to utilize this program for nothing. In any case, you want to pay for a permit for business use.

If taking screen captures and altering them is an errand that you really want to complete frequently, then, at that point, you are most likely acquainted with the "Print Screen" button and, why not, Windows' popular picture creation and altering instrument "Paint."

For the individuals who view this occupation extremely in serious way, these devices are simple toys and just a few devoted applications are to be utilized for proficient outcomes. Among the best devices of its sort, PicPick arises as an unlocked screen-catching arrangement that not just empowers you to take photos of the screen or a specific region, yet likewise to alter the screen captures on the spot.

A couple of strategies for taking screen captures

PicPick has all that you could at any point require while attempting to catch something from your work area. It assists you with catching the entire screen, the dynamic window, a specific locale you select or a proper region and you can even rehash the last catch.

Altering choices and changing a couple of boundaries

On the off chance that you really want to get into the picture-altering segment, PicPick offers you a few underlying capabilities you can use to trim, resize or pivot an image, add a few special visualizations or just draw or compose something on top of the new catch.

Modifying the program settings should be possible exhaustively on account of the far-reaching "Choices" menu which empowers you to design the record naming plan, auto-save, hotkeys or the manager. You might actually relate specific realistic record types with PicPick.


In light of everything, any reasonable person would agree that this specific application is perhaps the best apparatus in its class. PicPick is exceptionally simple to utilize, profoundly adaptable and packs an adequate number of elements to fulfil even the most requesting clients. On the off chance that you like conveying a few instruments with you on a glimmer drive, you ought to realize that a versatile release is likewise accessible, called Portable PicPick.

PicPick key features:

  • For All Windows (Fully support Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Multi-language is supported. (MORE 28+)
  • All functions are fully supported in a dual-screen environment.
  • No Registry, No access to the System folder (you can copy these files to a portable USB)

Screen Capture

  • Auto-scroll, dual monitors and sound effects are supported
  • Various output to File, Printer, Office programs, External program
  • Sharing to FTP, Web, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter are supported as well
  • Full Screen
  • Active Window
  • Window Control
  • Scrolling Window
  • The region, Fixed Region
  • FreeHand
  • Repeat Last Capture

Image Editor

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Windows Ribbon style
  • Standard drawing, shapes, arrows, lines, text, etc.
  • Blur, sharpen, hue, contrast, brightness, pixelate, rotate, flip, frame effect and etc.

Color Picker and Color Palette

  • various color code type (RGB, HTML, C++, Delphi)
  • Photoshop style RGB/HSV conversion is supported.
  • Pick and Save your favourite colour!

Screen Pixel Ruler

  • Horizontal and vertical orientation
  • various units (Pixels, Inches, Centimeters)
  • DPI setting (72, 96, 120, 300)
  • colourful gradient skins
  • You don't have to install any other screen ruler software.

Screen Magnifier

  • Zoom 2x to 10x option
  • Stay on top, smooth display, and sizeable window

Screen Protractor

  • Have you seen any screen protractor function in other software?

Screen Crosshair

  • For aligning objects in graphics or design applications
  • For calculating relative coordinates on the screen
  • Some prefer to use this tool over a pixel-ruler.


  • For giving a presentation or just drawing something on the screen

PicPick 6.3.1 changelog:

  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue with the taskbar on Windows 7.
  • Support multiple desktops on Windows 10, 11
  • Added Start/Stop hotkey on Screen Recorder
  • Improved watermark effects
  • Improved frame effects
  • Improved Whiteboard
  • Fixed an issue with the "Flatten All" menu
  • Fixed an issue where the "Repeat Capture" was not working as expected.
  • Fixed the Color Palette beeps on close
  • Language updates

Download: PicPick 6.3.1 | 50.4 MB (Free for personal use only)
Download: Portable PicPick 6.3.1 | 49.2 MB

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