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ASCOMP Text-R Professional 2.0 License KEY Giveaway

ASCOMP Text-R Professional can convert uneditable files/pix that incorporate texts into editable files (It helps 25+ languages).

Why do you waste a while manually typing out textual content from scanned PDF files and pix? ASCOMP Text-R Professional can do all of the difficult paintings for you. ASCOMP Text-R is the software program that acknowledges textual content in PDF documents and pix that may be operated at once via way of means of the layman.

The textual content may be stored in a brand new editable PDF or RTF record (Word).

ASCOMP Text-R Professional can understand texts in PDF documents and pix that aren’t editable or copiable. Then it converts them to an editable record with ease. It makes positive excessive accuracy in textual content reputation with the assistance of integrated dictionaries and expert OCR filters. Moreover, this device can hit upon even circled files and skewed texts.

How can I pick out textual content in a photo or uneditable PDF?

There are a few PDF documents (along with scanned paper files) that incorporate textual content, however, can not be copied or edited. In addition, the textual content of inner photo documents additionally can not be copied or edited. ASCOMP Text-R resolves this problem with ease!

The Features of ASCOMP Text-R Professional at a Glance

  • ASCOMP Text-R Professional is a document imaging and data extraction software that automatically transforms PDF files and images into text that is usable and accessible.
  • Use this OCR application to scan everything from PDF files; these will then be converted into editable text files.
  • Another great feature of this OCR solution is the barcode reader, sloped image detection, rotation detection (90°/180°/270°), applying an interference filter, lines detection, and removing and mixed characters detection.
  • It supports multiple languages, including German, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Danish, Czech, Russian, Polish, etc.
  • Once your document is finished scanning, you save the document in PDF files, RTF files, ASCll files, Unicode files, or XML files.
  • Recognizing text in PDF documents
  • Recognizing text in image files
  • Scan barcodes
  • Detect sloped images
  • Detect rotation
  • Apply interference filter
  • Detect and remove lines
  • Detect mixed characters (numbers and text in one word)
  • Use dictionary
  • Supported for 25+ languages

Supported Languages : Bulgarian / Danish / German / English / Estonian / Finnish / Indonesian / Italian / Catalan / Croatian / Latvian / Lithuanian / Dutch / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian / Russian / Swedish / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Czech / Turkish / Hungarian

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