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Dr.Web Katana

Dr.Web Katana is a non-signature hostile to infection. It offers preventive assurance against the most recent dynamic dangers, designated assaults, and endeavours by Trojans and exploits to utilize weaknesses, including zero-day ones, to infiltrate frameworks.

Dr.Web Katana comprises a bunch of cutting-edge Dr.Web hostile to infection innovations that give high-level insurance. Subsequently, it will protect your PC from dangers that your enemy of infection can't yet perceive.

The assurance depends on non-signature-based search techniques, the balance of malware, and cloud insurance innovations. The item investigates and screens all framework cycles and blocks those that display malignant ways of behaving.

The product offers security against the most recent noxious projects that can sidestep identification by customary mark-based checking and heuristic components. These projects have not yet been examined by the counter-infection research centre. Hence, are obscure to Dr Web right now of interruption. Subsequently, they incorporate the most recent encryption ransomware programs, Trojan injectors, and Trojan blockers. As well as dangers that utilise zero-day weaknesses.

  • Protects critical system areas from being modified by malware.
  • Detects and stops the execution of malicious, suspicious or unreliable scripts and processes.
  • Detects unwanted file modification. Monitors the operation of all processes to detect actions that are typical of malware. For example, the activities of encryption ransomware. Also prevents malicious objects from injecting their code into other processes.
  • Detects and neutralises undiscovered threats. Encryption ransomware, injectors, remote-controlled malware used for espionage and to create botnets, and malware packers.
  • Protects against exploits. Malicious objects that take advantage of software flaws. Including those not yet known to anyone except for the intruders who created them (i.e., zero-day vulnerabilities). If it detects that malicious code is attempting to exploit a vulnerability, Dr Web Katana will end the attack process immediately.
  • Controls the operation of the most popular browsers and their associated plugins. As a result, it protects against browser blockers.

Today, one of the most popular ways for malicious programs to penetrate a system is via the installation of add-on applications in the guise of useful software.

What Dr.Web Katana does for you:
  • Blocks malware’s ability to modify boot disk areas to prevent the launch of Trojan horses, for example, on your computer.
  • Blocks changes from being made to the Windows Registry to ensure that the safe mode won’t be disabled.
  • Prevents malicious programs from altering basic system routines. Blocks certain Windows Registry keys and prevents malware from changing the appearance of the desktop or hiding a Trojan with a rootkit.
  • Also prevents malware from changing launch permissions.
  • Prevents the downloads of new or unknown drivers without user consent.
  • Prevents malware and certain other applications. Such as anti-antiviruses, from adding their entries into the Windows Registry where they could be launched automatically.
  • Locks registry sections contain information about virtual device drivers. That ensures that no new virtual devices will be created.
  • Blocks connections between spyware components and the server that controls them.
  • Prevents malware from disrupting system routines such as scheduled backups.
The procedure is as follows:
  • If any attempt to activate malicious code is detected, Dr.Web Katana will end this process immediately. If the attack was carried out through a vulnerability of another software program, Dr.Web Katana completes the process of that program.
  • Users will also see notifications about thwarted attempts to perform malicious actions; no response on their part is required.
  • An entry about the disrupted attack is added to the Dr.Web event log.
  • The cloud will also instantly be notified about the incident. If necessary, Doctor Web specialists will respond, for example, by upgrading the protection routine.

Most noteworthy, Dr.Web Katana’s protection technologies now are part of Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus!


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