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Hardware Inspector

Hardware Inspector is a necessary IT asset control device. The software program has an in-depth listing of functions maximum beneficial for community administrators, IT branch managers and different specialists.

Planning, stock, audit, asset switch, retirement, reviews, and histories do now no longer cowl all functions to be had with Hardware Inspector.

Highly customizable and person friendly, it tracks every asset from buy to retirement and presents accessible reviews on all control factors of hardware and software programs imaginable. Hardware Inspector is specific to tuning the records of every asset.

Hardware Inspector presents answers for the obligations of hardware and system stock automation. Has the skills of storing the hardware’s complete transfers and upkeep records. Inventory management protects computer systems and hardware from being stolen or displaced.

Hardware Inspector Client/Server is necessary for laptop stock and maximum beneficial for coping with any system.

Detailed Hardware Inventory.

Each tool acquires a specification figuring out its buy details, location, technical parameters, upkeep and switch records.

Detailed Software Inventory.

Each license acquires a specification figuring out its buy details, location of installation, parameters and switch records amongst offices.

Rich-Featured Service Desk.

The integrated Service Desk presents near follow-up of assist requests submitted to the IT branch. It continues as a document of message records, connected documents and the like.

Inventory of Expendables.

Hardware Inspector continues to tune expendables issued to and from the garage location which is available accessible while making plans and predicted calls on a statistical basis.

Tree of Departments and Workplaces.

The tree of offices may be considered in ways: as a department tree and as a map. The gadgets assigned to a place of work are displayed in a hierarchical pattern. For example, a motherboard belongs to a chassis, a CPU to the motherboard, etc.

Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance.

Hardware Inspector continues a document of upkeep of gadgets and offices. All statistics saved in addition to near integration with requests and tool histories assist to make an independent and goal evaluation of accomplished paintings quickly.

Barcode Inventory

Hardware Inspector possesses numerous functions to make stock periods as smooth and painless as possible. Barcode scanner assist can flip your pc right into a transportable records terminal, stock repute reviews and records. Besides barcoding, there are 4 different alternatives for asset stock.

Computer Hardware Audit

Hardware inspectors can evaluate if the database records fit the records in machine records reviews and discover all deviations. Missing gadgets, up-to-date community parameters, etc. It has advanced mechanisms for unambiguous tool identification, records import and processing.

Network Connections

Network connections are devices to devise and stock community connections inside organizations.

Diversified Asset History

Hardware Inspector continues an in-depth document of each asset. All gadgets have person switch, upkeep, colocation and stock histories. Every license has upkeep and switches records.

Three Options for Data Input

Devices can be imported from machine records reviews, generated ASTRA, ASTRA32 or AIDA64. It can prevent the hassle of getting to enter a good deal guide records. System records gear can study low-stage records approximately your hardware, figuring out tool model, producer and its net address, manufacturing date, and serial number. Also, the opposite technical parameters are defined via the way of means of the producer. Moreover, you could import records from a CSV file. Otherwise, all records may be entered manually.

A Large Variety of Built-in Reports

“Device specification”, “Workplace specification”, “License specification”, and “List of stock numbers”. Also “List of IP addresses”, “List of gadgets”, “Services accomplished”, etc.  You can export reviews into PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, Open Office and different formats. There is an integrated record fashion dressmaker that will help you customise your record templates in addition to creating your personal reviews.

Data Search Tools

You can seek Data with the assistance of filters, i.e., via way of means of gadgets, licenses or expendables. Besides, there is the “Database query” function for extra specific records sought.

Flexible Data Access Permission

Access rights may be limited at 3 levels. Access to application functions, offices tree nodes and tool types. For instance, employees may be denied get right of entry to the IT-branch garage.

The application runs on OS Windows. The database can be on the file server. Multiuser work with the database in file mode via LAN.

Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019

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