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Photo Watermark Software Free Lifetime License KEY

Watermark Software is an all-in-one image software program, that specializes in safeguarding pix copyright with the aid of using batch making use of signatures, and photo watermarks with some clicks. It helps Mosaic, Bokeh, and different loads of effects.

Photo Watermark Software is a beneficial software program implemented with the aid of using photographers to shield photo copyright. This watermark software program permits you to feature textual content on your pics or pictures. With it, you may position textual content/words (like date, writer name, copyright info, copyright symbol, etc) for your pix to claim possession of pix.

What Can Watermark Software Do for You?

Watermark is the simplest manner to shield your pix's copyright from unauthorized use. Just do some clicks, and Watermark Software will offer indelible safety on your photo files.

Customizable Watermarks

Simply keystrokes to create textual content watermarks that assist wealthy fonts, symbols, shadows and effects. Then Watermark Software will position the image as watermarks robotically.

Image Watermark

Embed a unique symbolized photo to shield your pix' copyright, that's honestly an essential degree of your innovative works. Watermark Software permits you to upload any photo document as a watermark, just like the corporation logo, private avatar and etc.

Combined Watermark

Far greater than the handiest including watermark, you may upload numerous textual content/photo watermarks to mix and set up as you will, making your image meet your wants.

What's greater, the multiple-layer mode is to be had on your custom-designed watermarks.

Automatically Upload After Processing

Exclusive Feature - Upload all of the processed pics on your internet server robotically thru FTP.

Simplify your job - If you need to feature a watermark to 500 pix on your website/blog/online storage, simply run Watermark Software after which experience a cup of coffee, and the whole thing can be executed while you get back.

Feature Highlights

  • Photo Watermark Software will add text watermark to photos
  • Apply watermark with image/logo to photos
  • Add effect to photos
  • Add frame to photos
  • Crop photos
  • Add EXIF information to photos
  • Save template
  • Text watermark with rich effects
  • Image watermark (150 watermarks, QR code supported)
  • Support invisible watermark – EXIF information
  • Batch process + Smart fit
  • Photo frame, crop, batch rename, resize

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/1/8/7/XP





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