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Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor 1.3 PRO License KEY Giveaway

When it involves RS232 display software, Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor can be one of all your pleasant choices. It is a quick and easy software that offers you the cap potential to display your laptop’s COM port records visitors.

This Vovsoft software makes it easy to study records from any COM port and ship records to any COM port. Alternatively, it could alternate connection parameters together with baud rate (bits consistent with the second), parity, records bits, and forestall bits and ship and obtain records in ASCII textual content as well.

Receive and ship COM port records to research your laptop's port verbal exchange records visitors with the assistance of this easy software

VOVSOFT - Serial Port Monitor is a COM port tracking device that may facilitate the trade of records among your laptop and related serial devices. With its assist, you may hold a watch at the records glide that is going thru a COM port and check the to-be-had connections.

There are flavours of this software: you may download each a trendy installer version and a transportable device. By deciding on the latter, you get an install-unfastened version that you may use on the go: simply double-click the primary executable report to have the software up and running.

Read and ship records to a COM port periodically 

Working with VOVSOFT - Serial Port Monitor is a breeze, as there aren't any complex settings to address and the bulk of alternatives are displayed in the essential window. You begin by deciding on the COM port you need to attach and configure some different parameters, together with the baud rate (bits consistent with second), the parity, the quantity of records bits and forestall bits.

Once related to the chosen COM port, you ought to be capable of beginning sending records. VOVSOFT - Serial Port Monitor can ship records as ASCII textual content and can send records periodically, at a selected time interval, which may be without difficulty configured from the Options menu.   VOVSOFT - Serial Port Monitor also can study incoming records through a specific COM port, showing it in the essential window. The textual content may be stored as a textual content report for later reference.

Control hardware glide through serial ports

Designed basically for automation specialists, this software may be used for tracking and controlling any hardware tool compliant with the subsequent protocols: RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422. It permits you to take manipulate the records glide that is going thru a COM port. With its assistance, you may study records from RX and ship records to TX pins.

Key Features:

  • Send and receive data using Serial Port
  • RS232 monitor software
  • Send and receive data in ASCII text
  • Monitor and control any hardware compliant with RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 protocol or any other compatible serial port device


  • This is the lifetime license for Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor v1.3
  • Non-commercial usage
  • No free updates and tech support
  • Use the license key before Oct 02, 2022

Supported OS: Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7/Vista, Windows XP


DOWNLOAD Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor installer

DOWNLOAD Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor Portable


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