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Backup4all Lite 9 License KEY

Backup4all Lite is the right preference for defensive your information from partial or general loss.
It automates the backup procedure saving you time, compresses the information to store garage space (the use of widespread zip format), and encrypts your backup to guard you against unauthorized usage.
Start the use of Backup4all now with the aid of using getting Backup4all Lite nine for free.

Create information backups and store them in the neighbourhood, outside or on detachable drives, in addition to community locations, with this intuitive piece of software

It is usually an awesome concept to back up your essential documents, as there's usually the chance of them being corrupted, for diverse reasons. However, a number of the packages that allow you to carry out this mission are instead tough to use, which may also discourage beginners from giving them a try.

Backup4all Lite is an intuitive program, designed to assist green customers to guard essential information, while not having to personalize several superior settings. It gives an easy wizard mode that publications you thru the backup procedure, with the aid of using having you observe some sincere steps.

Features integrated backup and repair wizards

When including a brand new backup job, you've got got the choice of launching the utility's wizard mode. You can pick out the neighbourhood or community vicinity you need to store your documents, and then upload the important documents.

Backup4all Lite permits you to exclude diverse documents or folders, to keep away from developing backups of pointless items.

Additionally, the stored documents may be compressed and encrypted, to save you, unauthorized customers, from getting access to them without permission.

Schedule tasks

It is viable to timetable backup, test, restore and repair operations, allowing you to execute them at precise durations or whilst you do now no longer have to get entry to your pc.

These may be carried out daily, weekly, monthly, at person logon or after the pc has been idle for a positive duration of time. The utility can routinely wake the pc to run a selected mission.

Manage more than one backup job

Backup4all Lite permits you to install more than one operation and store them for destiny use. These may have tags assigned to them, allowing you to effortlessly differentiate among jobs.

You also can look into the contents of a created backup in a tree-like structure, with the aid of using getting access to a facet panel. This permits you to get a concept of the way diverse documents have been modified because of the final operation.

All in all, that is a beneficial and intuitive utility that can allow you to guard essential information with the aid of using developing steady backups. It is easy to use because it gives simplified wizard modes for diverse operations.

Key features:
  • Backup to/from CD/DVD (single/dual layer)
  • Backup to/from Blu-ray/HD-DVD
  • Backup to/from external HDD (USB/Firewire)
  • Backup to/from network drives
  • Backup to/from removable media (USB flash drive, floppy)
  • Backup to/from local hard drives
  • Backup to/from ZIP drives

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Windows Server 2012/2008/2003.

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