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EasyBoot by EZB Systems

EasyBoot is a coordinated device to make MultiBoot, Menu drove Cds/DVDs in the local language. It can naturally create boot picture documents and produce the ISO record also.

Utilizing your Disc/DVD Recording programming, for example, Nero or Roxio to Record the ISO, you get a bootable Cd/DVD that has a place with you. You can tweak it with your organization's name or trademark or even use it for your clients.

The first local Working Framework Cd's frustrating and just now you can understand and control the beginning framework introduces. OEM albums come up short on hard plate dividing devices, framework reestablishes and other helpful instruments.

Even though other people have made these "all in 1" Compact discs, these are worked by some specific man that doesn't know precisely the exact thing you need or need.

EZB Frameworks EasyBoot can:

  • Acknowledge neighbourhood language, different determinations, and vivid menus.
  • Make screen designs, Supplement text, menu bars and capability keys with a full GUI
  • Review the genuine impacts during the planning cycle.
  • Naturally create boot loader and menu records.
  • Straightforwardly construct bootable ISO documents that are prepared to consume.
Extra subtleties:

  • Full Graphical UI is not difficult to learn for everybody.
  • Just adding one extra record to the root registry of your Cd, doesn't obliterate the first local style.
  • Supports up to 36 menu things.
  • Supports Up, Down, Left, Right and Tab keys to choose menus, Enter and Spacebar keys for sure.
  • You can pick and interpret all info key to the little letter or capital letter.
  • Supports Client Characterized sped-up keys (like 0-9, a-z) to choose menu things straightforwardly.
  • Supports Client Characterized capability keys (like Esc, F1-F12) to boot chosen choice straightforwardly.
  • You can pick "Run Straightforwardly" or "Select" for the execution method of the sped-up keys.
  • Supports Client Characterized cursor key development, so you can uninhibitedly format the screen menu.
  • Supports Sub-menus to make an incredibly complex boot Album.
  • Implicit ISO picture age highlight, with cutting-edge elements, for example, "Streamline" and "Set Date/Time".
  • Supports startup logo, foundation picture, time counter
  •  Supports secret key security to bootable Cd
  • Helpful yet strong alter capabilities
  • Supports boot screen review, and straightforwardly sees the genuine impact.
  • Unreservedly characterized screen design, text, menus and capability keys.
  • Supports selecting/altering the objects in the seeing window, to make/move/adjust objects arranges with the mouse and console.
  • Supports Fix capability, effectively reestablishing past conditions.

Changes in EasyBoot 6.6 (September 23, 2015):

  • Supports Windows 10 working framework
  • Supports load syslinux 6.x/5.x config records (silver)
  • Fixed a bug with the PS/2 mouse driver
  • A few minor upgrades and bug fixes

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019.


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