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Icecream Screen Recorder 7.17

Icecream Screen Recorder is an extensive instrument for catching actual pictures or recordings of your work area, altering the outcomes and imparting them to other people.

The program offers a wide determination of catch types. It can snatch the full screen, a freehand square shape or an explicit window. There's likewise a choice to record a fixed-size region around the mouse cursor (a 640x480 entry which follows your mouse, say), and a "last region" choice to rapidly rehash anything you picked last time.

Recording can be stopped and continued with a tick, or a hotkey

You're ready to draw on the video as you work, and add shapes or text inscriptions. On the off chance that you're recording a product instructional exercise, you could click Interruption at a central issue, feature one region with variety, continue for a couple of moments, or perhaps draw a bolt elsewhere - it ultimately depends on you.

The program records sound from the receiver as well as the framework speakers, permitting you to add a portrayal.

Recordings you make and save show up in a rundown. You're ready to see them with a tick, trim them, duplicate recordings to the clipboard or transfer them to YouTube.

The free form has two or three significant limitations in a five-minute greatest recording time and WEBM-just result design. Be that as it may, you can work your strategy for getting around this by utilizing different instruments to consolidate clasps or convert their configuration. On the other hand, purchasing the full variant for around $25 lifts the limitations and gets you more: booked screen recording, custom watermarks, need support, and a lifetime permit for individual and business use on up to two laptops.


A pleasantly planned screen recorder for certain welcome additional items. Catching a moving region around the mouse and the capacity to draw on the screen could be extremely helpful, and the trimmer is convenient as well. The most extreme 5-minute recording time and WEBM-just recording designs are irritating, however better than putting your clasps with watermarks, and generally,, Icecream Screen Recorder is an amiable device.

Whether it is for instructive, exhibit or individual purposes, the capacity to record your screen stays a need for anybody. Icecream Screen Recorder is an adaptable and valuable application that can assist you with accomplishing this. It permits you to rapidly record a specific region of your screen or catch a preview whenever you really want.

Solid and current-looking screen recorder

The application permits you to choose a custom region of your screen, and then, at that point, record it or catch previews. Screen catching has a large number of purposes, going from making instructional exercise shows to real-time recordings and ongoing interactions. The chosen region can without much of a stretch be resized, implying that you don't need to begin the program once more assuming you missed the point entirely in any case.

Moreover, you can catch previews of specific screen regions, then, at that point, use attracting devices to feature picture areas of interest or focal points. This should likewise be possible while recording recordings.

Adaptable device for recording work area screen

Icecream  Screen Recorder can assist you with recording your screen or catch depictions, which are saved in several different ways. First of all, you can essentially save a video or preview it locally. Caught pictures can likewise be replicated to a clipboard and immediately glued and utilized in different applications.

One more helpful thing about the program is that it permits you to transfer any taken screen capture to a distant server, furnishing you with a URL address for every photograph. Along these lines, you can rapidly take depictions and offer them to your companions and contacts by sending them the connections rather than the pictures, which could take some time.


To summarize, Icecream Screen Recorder is great for when you want to record a specific region of your screen or take a depiction of it. One minor downside that could be improved is the way that the application can't save recordings and pictures to different arrangements, implying that clients would need to change them over completely to have the option to play them on specific gadgets.

Operating Systems:

Windows 10, Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8

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