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MSI Afterburner 4.6.5 Beta 2 / 4.6.4 Final

Release the genuine force of your illustrations card for an improved gaming experience with the assistance of this viable and intensive application

MSI Max engine thrust is an overclocking utility that works with all illustration cards. Principal highlights incorporate GPU clock change, high-level fan speed and GPU voltage control.

MSI Max engine thrust is a free utility that lets you overclock, screen, benchmark, and video catch. In any case on the off chance that you have an Nvidia or AMD-based GPU, MSI Max engine thrust works with all brands of design cards.

Max engine thrust gives you unlimited authority over your equipment, allows you to screen progressively, and it's free. Extremely significant data including the GPU centre clock, memory clock, temperature, voltage, and fan speed make some genuine memories on-screen-show screen in games and continuous data in the Windows Plate Symbol. All changes can be saved as profiles, and clients can rapidly change to various settings with hotkeys.

Is it protected to overclock my GPU with MSI Max engine propulsion?
Indeed, MSI Max engine propulsion will permit you to overclock your GPU with practically no problem and it ought to be protected assuming that you have some essential comprehension of what overclocking means and what's your GPU centre clock and memory speeds.

Does MSI Max engine thrust work with incorporated illustrations?
No, incorporated illustrations won't work with Max engine thrust. It will anyway work with any Nvidia and AMD GPUs, even on PCs.

Is MSI Max engine propulsion better than Asus GPU Change?
Asus GPU Change allows you to screen and overclock your GPU too, however, it just works with Asus GPUs, while MSI Max engine thrust will work with any Nvidia and AMD GPU no matter what the brand.

Note: The application offers to download and introduce the RivaTuner Measurements Server, which isn't required yet free to use. You can consider introducing this application on the off chance that you are wanting to record your ongoing interaction, as it incorporates additional menus/choices in this sense.

Computer game fans are continually on the search for a strategy to extract the most squeeze from their video cards. MSI Max engine thrust is a design card utility that vows to assist you with observing your GPU and carrying it to its most extreme presentation.

Offering support for most video cards out there
The application's centre depends on RivaTuner, one of the first-class video card overclocking programming. It is intended to upgrade your GPU's presentation and supports a wide assortment of MSI realistic cards, offering overclocking devices for both AMD and NVIDIA.

The primary objective of the application is to defeat as far as possible set by the merchants, permitting you to change memory timekeepers, voltages and fan speed. Be that as it may, it is fitting to adjust these settings provided that you make certain of what you are doing. Any other way, your activities could cause insecurity issues.

Programmed discovery of introduced cards
The advanced, yet basic and coordinated look of the application can be changed by tweaking the UI as per your inclinations. The program consequently recognizes your design card type, and the driver variant and showcases the data in its primary window.

MSI Max engine thrust gives significant tweaking capacities to your video connector. It incorporates the capacity to change the centre, shader and memory clock levels.

Simple administration of fan speed
High-level fan speed control is another tweaking device that you can use to decrease the commotion or change the cooling level. The client can likewise change the centre voltage, as the application vows to give triple over-voltage, without expecting to invest energy altering the card.

Moreover, you can screen the situation with your illustration card progressively. The 'Equipment Screen' window shows a diagram of the GPU and memory use, as well as fundamental data in regards profoundly and memory timekeepers. It is likewise accessible to Log choices.

Support for different custom profiles
The program permits you to make altered profiles for different purposes, such as exploring Online or gaming, when the card is under more serious pressure. You can get to the profiles quickly by utilizing hotkeys.

To summarize, MSI Max engine propulsion is a straightforward answer for overclocking your video connector. Power control, voltage change, observing and screen catching are a portion of the highlights that permit you to release the force of your design card.

Download 4.6.4 Stable (Final)

Download 4.6.5 (Beta 2)

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