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WonderFox Document Manager 1.2 PRO License KEY

By utilizing the WonderFox Report Chief, you can list, make due, and reinforce records with a couple of snaps as opposed to looking at and reinforcing them individually. You can safeguard your office report content by utilizing the "Lock", "Stow away" and "Scramble" highlights.

Likewise, with WonderFox Record Chief, you can encode your office reports effectively to forestall unplanned erasure, change or safeguard your protection. You can lock and open your record records, stow away and unhide your archive documents, and encode and decode your report documents.

The "High-level Hunt" capability of WonderFox Record Chief permits clients to look through a few objective documents (maximally 8 watchwords) at one time. At the point when you need to discover a few indicated records among huge quantities of your report documents, WonderFox Report Director will handily assist you with saving time.

List Report Records from Your Hard Plate

Assuming you are working in an office, I'm certain you need to deal with many reports on each workday. Furthermore, now and again, it would be exhausting to deal with the everyday reports, particularly when you want to discover a few documents which are not commonly utilized.

WonderFox Report Director could help you find and deal with your records (Word, Succeed, PPT and PDF) effectively and advantageously. You simply have to tap the "Record" and afterwards click the "Alright" button to affirm it. You will get the full rundown of the objective report documents. Furthermore, the inquiry element of the product can assist you with finding your records in a split second.

Effectively Group Records

For individuals who need to more readily oversee and sort out report records, WonderFox Archive Supervisor can work on their functioning proficiency by offering simple to-utilize document overseeing capabilities.

At the point when we need to characterize lots of our different report records or envelopes like our one-week work, typically we will make another organizer in our PC's plate and move our different archive documents into it. Be that as it may, it is actually extreme and time-consuming, especially when we have heaps of report documents, which are situated in better places. Fortunately, WonderFox Record Chief can undoubtedly assist you with tackling this issue. Simply click the "Add Envelope" symbol to make another organizer. Then, utilize the "Move" component to move your archive records from the report list into the new organizer, and afterwards, you can undoubtedly arrange your records.

A single Tick to Reinforcement Report Records

Ensure that you have a reinforcement of your significant report records. WonderFox Report Chief, as an across-the-board record of the executive's program, can help you reinforce your day-to-day office archives effectively (a single tick process). Assuming that you have numerous significant archive records, you can utilize WonderFox Report Director to reinforce your significant archive documents to stay away from coincidental erasure. With this capability, you can likewise effectively recover your reinforcement reports easily whenever.

Safeguard Report Content Security

On the off chance that your record contains business privileged insights or individual security of which you don't need any other person to be aware, WonderFox Report Director can assist you with encoding records, which need a secret phrase to open. To keep away from the circumstance that some time or another you fail to remember the secret phrase and even can't open your record without anyone else, WonderFox Report Chief offers other 2 answers for you to safeguard your archive content. The "Lock" element can assist you with locking your record and anyone can't open it except if you open it through WonderFox Archive Director. The "Stow away" component can assist you with concealing your record so that no one can find it in your circle drive. In any case, you can undoubtedly view it as your "Covered up" archive through WonderFox Report Administrator.

High-level Pursuit

Have you at any point been irritated with finding at least one record which hasn't been utilized for quite a while from your enormous measure of report documents in your PC? The inherent record search component of your framework might assist you with finding it yet that totally will burn through a great deal of time. Notwithstanding, with WonderFox Archive Chief, you can undoubtedly find your objective report. The "High-level Pursuit" capability of this record chief permits the client to look through a few objective documents (maximally 8 watchwords) at one time and with a really quick reaction. The query items will be recorded in the report list for you to effortlessly find the objective archives.


We have no change log data yet for variant 1.2 of WonderFox Record Chief. Some of the time distributors take a short time to make this data accessible, so if it's not too much trouble, return in a couple of days to check whether it has been refreshed.

Key Features:

  • Manage, Backup, and Encrypt Document File
  • Document Manager Overview
  • Index Document Files from Your Hard Disk
  • Easily Classify Documents
  • One-Click to Backup Document Files
  • Protect Document Content Privacy
  • Advanced Search

Supported OS: Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7


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